Introducing: AtWood

Hailing from the fertile rock breeding ground of Milan, Italy, Atwood introduced themselves to the local scene with the release of their first single – Black Mirror, which was just the beginning of a storyline. Their debut EP, “at odds”, delivered in November 2018, has been defined as “a seamless blend of pop, alternative rock, synth and electronics and some post-hardcore influences flowing into one melting pot of sound, enriched by alluring vocals”.

The band immediately started working up a strong following in Milan’s pop-punk, alternative scene, playing shows with icons such as Eyes Set to Kill and Lost.
2019 definitely did not let them down. After winning Kleisma’s “Nuove prospettive” contest, Atwood got the chance to play at 1MNext final, and later went on to play Drink’em All Festival.

On October 2019, Atwood released Dance in the sun, marking the beginning of a new approach to their songwriting and lyrical content: catchy, yet meaningful, poppy, yet well rounded, Dance in the sun is the first single off an upcoming EP, to be released towards the end of 2020.

On April 30th the band released another single off the upcoming EP, called Ghost. The track masterfully merges modern pop ambiences with a melancholic, earworm-like pop punk chorus ready to get clubs jumping.

Here’s our quick interview with the vocalist of Atwood, Alice Grupallo.

Beginnings: “We’ve been playing together for a couple of years now, and we actually met on Facebook. We were both looking for fellow musicians, so we started off as the usual rock band. Then we decided we wanted something more and began writing our own stuff.”

Behind the name: “If you’ve ever watched ‘The OC’, then you’ll surely remember Ryan.”

Fun Fact: I remember there was this guy once who was trying to translate our name literally, and couldn’t get anything out of it, obviously! And he really thought we were hiding our name’s real meaning from him. Don’t know if we managed to convince him!”

Inspiration: Pvris for their ability to be so evocative and magical, BMTH for their ever-changing sound, and Enter Shikari for their energy and commitment.”

Teamwork: “Usually, our songs are born when one of us has an ‘epiphany’ – it might be lyrics, synth, a drum pattern. Then we decide it’s worth it, and start building on top of it. We do our own thing but then we merge ideas and see what happens.

We have the same direction in mind, as far as sound goes, so that really helped us keep a nice steady pace when creating. Being ‘experienced’ musicians is surely helpful, but I believe what makes the most difference is consistency and hard work.

We actually plan on releasing another EP, so, for now, no full albums! J We hope to release it by the end of the year.”


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