“New sound, new vibe… That’s our idea with each single” – introducing: Them Evils

In 2020 Them Evils managed to release 3 singles during the national lockdown: “Pour Out Another One”, “Where Ya Gonna Crash Tonight?”, and “Coattails”. Each song showing off the band’s diversity in songwriting and achieving individual success through online streaming platforms. 

Their previous EP “Rollin’ Stoned and Livin’ Free” was enthusiastically received with placements on key rock playlists at all major streaming services, and the band supported that release with more than 100 live dates in 2018 that included a national headlining club tour with stops at Shiprocked, Welcome To Rockville, Carolina Rebellion, and the main stage at Rock On The Range. 2019 saw the band supporting Pop EvilOf Mice and MenThe Black Moods and He Is Legend, as well as festival appearances at Exit 111 and Rock USA. Here’s our interview with the guitarist & vocalist, Jordan Griffin!


Jake and I actually grew up in Vegas together. Same street for at least ten years. He was in ‘n out of a few bands and I had a girlfriend so we never got together. The only time I’d see him was on Halloween when he’s knock on my door for candy and we’d scream Pantera at each other. Fast forward a few years… We ended meeting up and that night he got kicked out of his band. He cried like a bitch and I said “dude, let’s start a band. We’ll be better.” Turns out that was true. That situation wasn’t working due to a lack of dedication from other members so we moved to California. About a year in I met David through a coworker. We met, jammed some Alice In Chains and Metallica, and the rest was history.

Funny story. My mother was texting the word “Temecula” and misspelled it. Siri auto-corrected the word to Them Evils. Boom.

Behind the name


Music inspires me the most. A real badass song makes me turn to my guitar and start practicing. I just think “if they can write this sick of a song, I definitely can”. It’s not rocket science but it’s fucking hard.

We aren’t working on an album. We’ve done that before with a label and we’re sort of jaded.

We’d rather release singles. Do you know how bands change every album? New sound, new vibe… That’s our idea with each single.


I write the majority of the music… We get together change it up and add dynamics then come up with vocal melodies and the actual structure of a “song”. Jake does all of the social media stuff and kills it. David is creative. He just spitballs ideas.


First off. Fuck COVID. The whole situation ruined the industry for the last year and a half. But everything seems to be getting back to normal. We finally see the light! We’re all ready to tour and play shows. 

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"I associate heavy metal with fantasy because of the tremendous power that the music delivers." - Christopher Lee

2 thoughts on ““New sound, new vibe… That’s our idea with each single” – introducing: Them Evils

  1. These 3 oh-so-talented musicians are the real deal!!! They’ve released 5 hit songs in a row and show no signs of letting up. If ya wanna jam, getcha some Evil…Them Evils!! 🤘🏼😈💗

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