The brand new Symphony Of Sweden song, “Lay Them Down (A broken son’s cry)” is out now!

Symphony Of Sweden released their first single, “Lay Them Down (A broken son’s cry)” from their upcoming album along with an official lyric video. The new song is full of emotions, emphasized by the mixture of music, lyrics, and Lee’s vocals. 

The band’s second album, Saints Of Yesterday has been reviewed by several international media outlets and it was critically acclaimed. Symphony Of Sweden’s followers and fans sent numerous messages in recent weeks, asking them for a possible song release in the near future. Well, they didn’t have to wait too long, and Lee also admitted that he didn’t get much rest after the release of their second album.

Lee’s statement: „I didn’t have so much holiday. I got really sick and have been in hospital, and I haven’t been able to write or sing for a very long time. I wrote the lyrics in February when I was at my lowest. I watched TV a lot and saw all the bad things happening all over the world. We can all agree that war in any shape or form is terrible and that we all should try to live together – and just at that moment, the song came to me. I wrote it in like 10 minutes, however, I couldn’t sing back in February because of my illness so I had to imagine the sound. I sang it for the first time in May. The second time I played it was for Evan. Just singing with a piano. And what does that song mean to me? Just listen to the lyrics and feel the music and understand that we all have a purpose, we can all do good. And we should try to come together. We are all the same made people.

Evan’s statement: „I think I actually had a couple of weeks just re-charging the batteries.
However, the first ideas I had for new tracks will likely not be used. (laughs) I had a kind of feeling we were standing at a crossroad and trying to pick the right direction for our sound for our third album, but then realized we will just keep on going with a similar sound to what we have had so far, of course!
For this track, Lee basically had the whole vocal parts completed with lyrics, melody, and basic chords. I only had to come up with the arrangement and when playing around with Lee’s chords at the piano some notes just came to me, which also could be played on the guitar to be the intro for the song, and then continue to be some neat melodies between Lee’s vocals in the verses… This track was actually a smooth ride from start to finish at least from a production point of view. No changes, just adding stuff and everything ended up in the final mix. But I believe Lee had a great flow when writing the lyrics and melodies as well.
Being the first track to be released from a new chapter of SOS songs, such a track is always very important to us! The timing lyric-wise regarding the current situation in the world made it an obvious choice to use as a single and we put our heart and soul into it and we really look forward to letting the world hear it!

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