Latest on “Pedal to the Metal”:

“When I start writing the lyrics I always try to find a subject that fits well together with the atmosphere” – exclusive interview with Morten Veland


“It was clear that the album would not be something religious, or about the church, or all these crappy stuff – it should be about the character of Judas” – exclusive interview with Niklas Kahl about the new Lord Of The Lost album, “Judas”


“A song should convey an atmosphere, and if possible a historic aura” – interview with Gerhard Storesund of Einherjer

Einherjer 1_Photo Credit Jørgen Freim

“I took jobs in kindergartens for a few years before I decided to pursue a career in film music” – exclusive interview with Roy Westad, alias “ILLT”


“I got into music literally by accident” – exclusive interview with Shakey Sue of The Hellfreaks

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The End Of Melancholy



Latest on “Metal Meter”:

“The stage was in a truck trailer and it was hot as hell outside” – introducing: Past Five


Unusual, bombastic, unexpected, epic, new – introducing: Shape Of Water


“We like to have the creative process be as collaborative as possible” – introducing: Arsenic Addiction

Arsenic Addiciton Photo 2021



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