Latest on “Pedal to the Metal”:

“We didn’t want to disappear right after our first release” – interview with Adrian Thessenvitz of Ad Infinitum about ‘Chapter I Revisited’

Ad Infinitum_photo credit_Claudia Chiodi

“At some point, you want the real thing” – exclusive interview with Clémentine Delauney about ‘A Symphonic Journey To Remember’

Clémentine Delauney

“I was finally ready to do it” – exclusive interview with Samer Elnahhal (Ex-Lordi)


“I really took a listen to all that stuff and saw the potential” – exclusive interview with Tony Campos of Static-X


Latest on “Metal Meter”:

“We just wanted to make a very powerful but dark mid-tempo heavy hitter” – Introducing: Awake Again


“Three words dreams are made of’ – introducing: Illusions of Grandeur

unnamed (34)

“We all wanted to be a part of the process of writing songs” – Introducing: Chugger

unnamed (33)

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