Top 13 WACKEN concerts of all time

Of course it’s subjective and this list based on our opinion.. Wacken‘s history started in 1990 – and the festival is getting bigger and bigger year by year. Sadly Metallica couldn’t be on the list because – believe it or not – they have never attended to the world’s biggest metal festival. And why? Thomas Jensen, the owner and founder of Wacken Open Air told about the reasons for rockoverdose : “We are still trying to get bands like Metallica. Manowar is always something. They would be good. You just have to be patient. Every year, we ask them again, and, they don’t… One day, they will come. I am confident.” We hope dreams come true…

2017 – Alice Cooper:


2017 – Europe:


2016 – Iron Maiden:


2016 – Arch Enemy:


2016 – Tarja Turunen:


2015 – Sabaton:


2014 – Slayer:


2013 – Nightwish (with Floor Jansen):


2011 – Battle Beast:


2009 – Motörhead:


2008 – Lordi:


2008 – Nightwish (with Anette Olzon):


2007 – Cannibal Corpse:

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"I associate heavy metal with fantasy because of the tremendous power that the music delivers." - Christopher Lee

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