Introducing: Firing All Cylinders

Firing All Cylinders represent the explosive sound, excitement, and intensity of heavy metal with influences from the past and present. The group incorporates classic rock n’ roll sound inspired by bands like AC/DC and Black Sabbath. Add a dash of modern metal bands such as KoRn, Avenged Sevenfold, System of a Down, and Slipknot to build the band’s iconic sound. In a short period of time, Firing All Cylinders has rapidly gained success with unique aggressive sounds and performances which became trademark qualities of the group. Here’s our interview with the band’s vocalist, Rix Boker!


“We started out as just a few kids playing music in the garage really loudly lol. Everything kinda morphed from that. We started playing Sabbath and AC/DC songs before we started writing our own material. We all met through different avenues like school, past jobs, and family friends.”

Behind the scenes of shooting ‘What is Love’: “Matthew Upton, my father, and myself put everything together collectively. We all help in every aspect of the project. There was a lot of craziness going on during the filming of the video. Lots of nudity. a lot more than was originally planned. (laughs) Putting Demi in the harness and trying not to kill her was interesting. She is very tough to have stuck it out like the way she did. “

Behind the name:

“My good friend heard the saying “She’s Firing On All Cylinders” while watching death race one night and it just stuck it’s really not lol. My dad builds hotrods and races cars and everyone else is fairly mechanically inclined so it was kinda fitting. That really comes in handy by the way when the tour bus brakes down. (smiles)”


“Situation in the world and life experiences really finance us lyrically and band such as Sabbath, GNR, Megadeth, AC/DC, Linkin Park, and so many others including a lot of modern bands like Beartooth, really inspire the energy and drive of the music. There so many influences if hard to name them all. “


“We defiantly work together with both our incredible producers and ourselves when we write. When someone has a great idea we won’t let it die. We definitely want to avoid writing the same record twice so we are always trying to do new things and push our limits.

There is something in the works. We don’t want to give too much away but we pretty existed about it.”


“Well, there’s not much we can really do about the situation so we took advantage of all the downtime by creating music videos, and perfecting our live sound for when everything opens back up. We also believe there is going to be a little bit of a rebirth in the music scene as a result of all this.”

Fun facts:

“Well for starters the James (bass) is a furry so it never dull or predictable around him lol. Adam must like road rash because he can seem to keep the front wheel of his bike on the pavement. Titius can’t stop yelling ‘fuck’. Ant can’t stop quacking like a duck, ask him about that. (laughs) And my spelling really sucks.”

Please support the band by buying their music – just click on the photo below.


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"I associate heavy metal with fantasy because of the tremendous power that the music delivers." - Christopher Lee

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