Sing and shout – interview with Nyves and Robin from VENUES

After a few seconds when I heard VENUES the first time, I immediately know that I love them – their sound is fresh and frisky. It’s kicking like a black and strong coffee in the morning – so there was no question, that I want to introduce them to you (i.e.: our readers). The German band was formed in 2014 and it has been a long journey to them.

“We formed some years before we really started and played mostly in our rehearsal room” – the conversation was opened by Nyves, the female voice of VENUES. “After a lot of member changes, we found the right people with the same goals and dreams and we finally recorded our first EP.

In the beginning, our goals were just to be on stage and have fun… We didn’t expect much. After our first music video, ​’No Roses For A Life Lost’ we got to hope that maybe we could make it bigger… and since then we started to give everything we’ve got.”

Robin – who is “responsible” for shouting – shared that they take inspiration from a lot of things. “Our personal experiences and stories from the past. Political stuff that’s going on right now. Also a lot of stuff from books we read and the films we watch.

Photo by Venera Red. Photography

When it comes to the bands that influence our music it really differs a lot depending on who of us you ask.

Our main songwriter loves bands like WASP, Iron Maiden…etc. And you can hear this in the guitar lines if you listen closely. Nyves listens a lot to pop and jazz. Me and Toni, we’re more from the ‘scene’, listening to a lot of metalcore and posthardcore stuff like Beartooth, Architects, Bring Me The Horizon. Our drummer is listening to a lot to alternative rock bands like Breaking Benjamin. So we have a wild mix of musical influences mixed together on this record.

Everything worked out pretty fast during the recordings as we were prepared very well. This also helped us while writing the songs. Most of the song ideas were first tries and we didn’t have to trial and error a lot.

Photo by Venera Red. Photography

When it comes to songwriting we’re usually always on the same page and everyone is fine with the direction that we’re going. There are only a few cases when we have to discuss and to decide which idea fits better than the other one.”

“Our songwriting process is pretty much defined”Nyves added. “Our main songwriter, Constantin composes all the instrumentals and gives the songs to me. After listening to the songs, I try to put my emotions of the song into words, write the lyrics and the melodies for the clean vocals and backings. Then I pass it over to Robin and he puts his lyrics and his shouts. We rehearse then with the whole band and everyone puts his style and touch on the songs.”

Good news for the fans that the band is already working on the next material. “We already wrote about 10 songs since the release of ‘Aspire’ but they are only instrumental” – Robin said. “We haven’t played around with vocals yet at all.

Photo by Venera Red. Photography

Our goal with ‘Aspire’ was to reach a wide audience on the streaming platforms and via YouTube. In my opinion, we achieved this and I’m very happy with the results we have so far.

I think we did a big step with this debut record and it was a big push for a small newcomer band like us. We will hopefully do a big EU tour in early 2019! I hope that we can announce this soon. Stay tuned!”

Well, Robin was so cool and shared with us some funny and behind the scenes stories of the band. “Our singer Nyves and the two guitarists Constantin and Toni are from Greece. When we have important band discussions they sometimes tend to start talking Greek and then the others of us have to stop them and bring everything back to German. Another fun fact: Constantin is the older brother of Toni and taught him how to play the guitar. 

When we were looking for a drummer in 2014 via Facebook, Dennis (who just left his old band) sent us a message that he wanted to come to an audition. We’ve sent him 4 of our songs and asked him when he’ll be available in the coming weeks. He came to our rehearsal room on the same day and played all 4 songs perfectly. He was 18 years old back then. That’s the story how we found our youngest and maybe the most talented member” – laughed Robin.

Please support the band by buying their music – just click on the photo below.


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