“The storyline usually dictates the flow of the album” – Introducing: September Mourning

September Mourning is a dark culture fantasy band based on a graphic novel (Top Cow/Image Comics) created by singer Emily Lazar (September) and comic legendMarc Silvestri. The band of Reapers that help bring the story to life on stage are Rich Juzwick (former guitarist for Gemini Syndrome), Kyle Mayer (former drummer for 10 Years) and Aaron Hoover (former guitarist for Sea of Treachery). The band released “Volume III” in December 2019 and is preparing to release “Volume IV” in Spring 2021. Here’s our interview with September!


Well, it’s a transmedia project… So the storyline formed itself first and the musical component followed in its footsteps.

Behind the name:

When deciding the protagonist’s name in the book, I decided to do a personal homage to my best friend who had died in September a few years before the project began. We decided the name was appropriate for use for the books and for the project t as a whole.


The primary songwriters in the project are Rich Juzwick (Riven) and myself. We both listen to so much music… We believe that a good writer can be inspired by any genre as long as the songwriting is sound. The storyline usually dictates the flow of the album for September Mourning… Although current events have certainly played their role in both the story and the music we are developing and have written thus far.


Rich and I work together with producers to craft a sound and direction. I do the top line and he does the music alongside various producers we work with. 

Heavy melodic sticky tasty rock

Describe your upcoming album in five words!


Well, since there is no touring I decided to remake all the costuming. We finished more songs and have started releasing … Trying to stay inspired and inspire others is the goal.

Fun fact:

I once threw up in front of Marilyn Manson and crew right after coming off stage… They gave me horns and said that I was metal af.

We would like to express our undying gratitude to our fans for supporting us and showing us so much love throughout this pandemic. You are and always will be our inspiration

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"I associate heavy metal with fantasy because of the tremendous power that the music delivers." - Christopher Lee

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