“We get inspired by stories of hardship” – Introducing: Mockcharge

Mockcharge is a heavy metal band, formed in 2019 by the vocalist and guitarist Ed Marson, bassist Tatiana Turin, and drummer Donnie Hogue, in Brooklyn, New York. The band just released two singles, “Marauder” and “Nosferatu“, rapidly achieving recognition for their thrash and groove metal sound, bringing an interesting collision between Motorhead and Sepultura

During working nights as a backline tech and engineer at the IIWII Sound studio in Weehawken, New Jersey, Ed used his studio “down-time” to record and develop his own music. Playing guitar, bass, drums, synths, and samplers, he recorded, mixed, mastered, and released Mockcharge’s first three singles, “Creature of the Underworld”, “Darkside” and “Bloody Days”. 

The band moved quickly to play their music at various metal and rock venues in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and Long Island. After the success of their first show at Arlene’s Grocery on September 16, Ed knew he needed to find a permanent drummer. He asked Donnie, who also played that night if he wanted to join. After their first practice, they knew the power trio was complete. 

The band’s fierce and energetic live performances propelled them onto stages of the most acclaimed metal venues in New York City, including a memorable show at Kingsland in October 2019 with the legendary band Carnivore A.D. On December 1st, Mockcharge announced its strong presence in the New York metal scene by headlining at the renowned Saint Vitus Bar. This past winter, Mockcharge set out to track 12 original songs for their first album. They recorded live at the IIWII Sound studio by audio engineer Billy Perez, who has worked with legendary bands such as the Rolling Stones, St Vincent Living Colour

Since the global pandemic hit New York, the band canceled their 2020 shows and tours but continue to release songs from their album on all streaming platforms. Ed told us more about the band.


We started little by little. I was working at recording studios in NYC and playing with some rock bands as a drummer and guitar player. I felt that it was time to start my own thing so I used my downtime studio hours to record the first songs “Creature of the Underworld”, “Darkside” and “Bloody Days”. One day, I was working at Battalion Studios in Brooklyn and Tati Turin came in to rehearse with her band “Maton”. We haven’t seen each other for years, it was a huge coincidence. She told me she was looking for a drummer for her new band “Headbind” and I was looking for a bass player so I joined her band and she joined “Mockcharge”.
We still needed a drummer, so for our first show at the Arlene’s Grocert we invited the multi-instrumentalist Vinny Silva. Donnie Hogue was playing drums with Vinny’s band “Vicious Clay” that same night. Right after our performance, Tati and I introduced ourselves to Donnie and we hit it off right away. As Vinny couldn’t perform the next shows with us, we invited Donnie to our official debut show at Lucky 13. He killed it, and then we knew the trio was complete.

Behind the name:

The name Mockcharge came from my favorite podcast, the Bill Burr’s Monday Morning Podcast. Bill was telling this story about when he was walking his dog (Cleo) and a neighbour had a tantrum screaming “Pick that up!”, cause he thought Cleo went for a #2 but went #1 instead. Then Bill said on the podcast: “I wish I could teach my dog to do a Mockcharge when I see that asshole again” (not this exact quote but something like that). I liked how the word Mockcharge sounded but I had no idea of what it meant so when I googled it, and a bunch of photos of wild animals trying to attack people came up then I knew that was the right name for the band. (smiles)


We get inspired by stories of hardship. Each of our songs feature a different subject telling stories of hardship, overcoming fears and challenges, and exposing human obscenities such as wars, politics, abuse, indifference, and more. We also like to create worlds, tales, and characters in our songs, like Marauder and Creature of the Underworld. We were very influenced mainly by Nine Inch Nails, Cannibal Corpse, Motorhead, Godflesh, Code Orange, Slipknot, Sepultura and many more.

We’re working on a full album to be released in early 2021. Our new songs talk more about specific subjects like politics, riots, poverty, and what we’ve been through this challenging year. We’ve been through a lot like everyone else, so we’ll put everything on the new songs. It’s been a terrible year but at least we can write songs about it.


When we start a rehearsal, we always jam a bit to warm up, and during these warm-ups, when we’re completely not looking for anything that the nicest riffs come up; it’s kinda funny. The nicest riffs come up when we’re warming up before a rehearsal not looking for anything, when we’re not trying to compose anything, just having some fun. It’s like relationships, the good ones come when you’re not expecting or trying. (laughs)
But most of our songs came up when we started to perform live. We had just a few originals in the beginning, we definitely needed more songs; so we put our minds together to come up with new material every time we had a rehearsal. We have no individual tasks when composing new material; if Tati brings a riff or Donnie comes up with a new idea, we take from there and start a new song.

If swallowed, seek medical attention!

Describe your music in five words!


Living in NYC is not an easy task when the world is in normal mode, so, 2020 here was no joke. It has been crazy for every band we know. In our case, COVID-19 canceled our plans for 2020 that was a European tour, followed by shows in Brazil to release our album. Since everything got canceled we invested our time in composing new material, mixing the old songs, and releasing them as singles. It was a great experience to release our first songs and receive awesome feedback from listeners from all over the world.
Right now we don’t see a light at the end of the tunnel. New York is going through a rough phase, venues are closing, lots of people moving out, people losing their jobs, and lots and lots of people dying. It’s like war times.
We don’t know when we’re performing live again but one thing is sure, when this pandemic is over, people will be so eager to go out, go to shows and celebrate. I heard that in the best case scenario shows will be back in July. We can’t wait to get back on stage but we will! Performing live is our favorite thing.

Online concerts:

We did a couple of online shows. We enjoyed performing but in the end, the real thing is 100 times better. There’s something about performing at a venue that can’t be translated through an iPhone screen. Performing at a venue, connecting with new metal fans, getting a drink, meeting new metal bands and many more is what makes live shows such an awesome experience, and an experience that all of us are missing so much. This COVIS-19 era really sucks and when this is over I believe we will appreciate live shows so much more.

Well, a fun story about the band is when Tati (Bass) and Donnie (Drums) started dating, and then a while later had a baby! (laughs) It’s a blessing! We’ve been so much closer since then and now this band is literally a family. Another fun fact is that Tati is a great guitar pedal builder, check her pedals at @headbind on Instagram!

Fun Facts

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"I associate heavy metal with fantasy because of the tremendous power that the music delivers." - Christopher Lee

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