“In the Greek language “khroma” means “color”, which fits the tone of our music” – Introducing: Khroma

Established in Helsinki, Finland, in 2010, the electro­-metal outfit Khroma conveys the socio-­economical decline of our times into an assaulting soundtrack of cinematic atmospheres and ambiences, down-tuned guitar patterns and pulsating trip-hop and drum’n bass beats. This fusion of influences is further explored lyrically as the band tackles counter­cultural issues of disillusionment, fatalism, and despondency.

The band has released 2 full-length albums (Stasis, 2016; Collapse, 2014) and is getting ready to release their third album, due out early 2021.

Khroma has toured in Europe on numerous occasions, most lately with the Ukrainian metal machine Jinjer in 2019, supporting them on their Macro European Tour, expanding to +10 countries and 40 shows. Mikko Merilinna (guitar & keys) answered our questions.


Khroma was established in 2010 in Helsinki, Finland. All the members had known each other from other or same Finnish bands already for years, originally we met around the millennium when everyone was starting out with music and bands. The Finnish circles are small, so pretty much all musicians know each other.

Behind the name:

Khroma is a river in Siberia, where an intact mammoth skeleton was found. We thought that discovery was so epic, that we wanted to honor it in our name. And in the Greek language “khroma” means “color”, which fits the tone of our music.


A wide spectrum of things and inspiration: Artificial Intelligence, tech noir, contemporary visual design, Public Enemy, Deftones, Noisia, Ennio Morricone, John Carpenter trip-hop, drum’n bass, Killswitch Engage, Fear Factory, Meshuggah, Rage Against the Machine, science fiction.


We work in multiple ways: some songs are written totally as a collaboration, where we sit at the studio and bounce ideas to each other. Some songs on the other hand are more of an individual effort, where one single songwriter brings the almost 100 % ready demo onto the table and then we fine-tune it together. Our vocalist Riku Rinta-Seppälä writes all the lyrics.

We have finished the work on our third, upcoming album, from which two singles/music videos have been extracted: “Kill The Friction” (released in 11/2019) and “Slaves” (11/2020). At the moment we are contemplating the best possible release date, and very likely it’s going to happen in spring 2021.

Touring with Jinjer:

It was a great experience – it was the longest tour of our career with almost 40 shows – our previous record tour was 31 shows. So we had been doing quite long tours ourselves, but of course, the scale of everything was bigger on this tour: the tour production, the venues, the audiences. It was a spectacle every night and it went really well. Nothing really extraordinary happened, it was a hard work day in day out and a lot of traveling. So we needed to take care of resting and taking it easy as much as possible in order to be able to keep ourselves fit for the shows every night. A few parties here and there, but nothing out of the usual!

Cinematic, earth-shattering, complex, inspiring, danceable!

Describe your music in five words!


Well, it definitely moved our album release, since the album’s been done since spring 2019. But we try to make the most out of the delay by already writing new demos and planning new music videos for another single from the album.

Online concerts:

We have taken part in a few online-festivals, where our music videos and special festival sessions have been screened. Those have been super nice, but at the same time, we of course hope to really tour the world again and play real shows, whenever that will be possible again.

Stay tuned for the new Khroma album and hope to meet You somewhere along the touring highway next year!

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"I associate heavy metal with fantasy because of the tremendous power that the music delivers." - Christopher Lee

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