“Humans never have it easy in life, art is how we cope with these experiences” – Introducing: KÄLAD

KÄLAD is a symphonic metal band from Mexico, formed and debuted in 2020. The quartet released “Sail Away“, their first single on the eve of the pandemic, followed by “Kalad” single which reached the rankings for the Top 100 Mexican Metal favorites. These two, previously mentioned tracks set a classic symphonic metal style accompanied by a dense atmosphere – here’s our interview with the lead singer (who’s actually not just very talented, but also a super nice person), Julieta Ruiseco.


KÄLAD was born exactly when lockout hit Mexico in 2020, back then we had a heart full of hope and expectations with the release of our first single “Sail Away”, however, the idea of forming the band came when Mario and I played together for the first time. I was a studio singer and he was the guitar player of a power metal band which was the opening act for Stravaganzza, a rock metal band from Spain. I was invited by Mario’s band to be part of the choir for the concert and that’s when he decided to invite me to form a metal band, and of course, I had no project at the time, so I said yes! That’s the day we started thinking about names, concepts, and the recording of our first single.

Behind the name:

Most people ask this and we understand, we’re from Mexico and the name is not even in Spanish! (laughs) Well, so KÄLAD means “Pisces” in Estonian. Mario and I share the same zodiac sign which is Pisces, and, if you believe a bit in astrology you know that Pisces is two fish swimming in opposite directions… Well, that’s Mario and me! (laughs) we cannot be more opposite! We are quite different but at the same time, we have the same objective, so, when we realized we share the same zodiac sign, it kind of made sense we name the band Pisces, and in Estonian sounds badass! We guess… (laughs)


As I told you in the previous question, Mario and I are complete opposites, and Gus, who is the other guitarist and composer of KÄLAD, well, let’s say we always agree to disagree, we’re so different from each other, however, that enriches the concept quite a lot because our sources of inspiration come from so many different bands and artists, nevertheless, we have learned to respect each other’s tastes, and agreed to be a great symphonic metal band who likes to do things and compose music the best we can. We get inspired by music from old-school symphonic metal bands such as Nightwish, to new stuff like Spiritbox.


At first, it was only me composing the songs with the help of our producer, Roy Cantu. I mean, I am a singer, not a composer, so I needed a lot of help, Roy is a fantastic composer and he has always believed in us. A year later, when Gus joined the band, we realized what a genius mind he has for music, so we started to let his genius mind free to compose, so, along with the music which is basically done by him, structured by Mario, and orchestrated by Roy, I write the melodies and lyrics.  

When KÄLAD was born under the Pisces name, we agreed that all songs would be talking about the beauty of life and its adversities, human nature experiencing the love and rebirth of the spirit also despite the adversities, all this in an ocean-y metaphorical language, because, you know… fish. We decided to speak about these topics because we as humans never have it easy in life, art is how we cope with these experiences. 

Fun facts:

We all have our share of funny stories, especially while composing and rehearsing, being together is never boring, but I know the best anecdotes are yet to come, as we are starting touring pretty soon, first in our own beloved country Mexico, and then internationally, so stay tuned and follow us in all our social media sites as @kaladmx on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to be featured on Metal Meter, thank you to all the viewers who took the time to read about us, please go check out our music, you will not regret it. We appreciate all your support and we hope to see you soon on tour!

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"I associate heavy metal with fantasy because of the tremendous power that the music delivers." - Christopher Lee

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