Jinjer stole Budapest’s heart – again

I’m speechless. Really. I mean it. In 2019 we attended 30 concerts! This was a very busy year for us and this concert was the perfect closing out the decade. Jinjer is quite a regular guest in Hungary so we are quite lucky that we are able to see them several times a year.

Photo: Péter Tepliczky / MyTouche Blog

Since I was able to do an interview with Eugene and Tatiana, the band has a special space in my heart. Eugene told us back in 2018: “I just do my job on bass guitar and I think I do it well. I just love to play music. It is between me, my bass guitar and people whom I send my bass notes. And I enjoy it, a lot. I just enjoy playing in live and create music. That’s not about being famous, not at all. My family didn’t understand me for a very long time, because I used to be a sportsman and I was quite successful.” (The full interview is available here.)

Photo: Péter Tepliczky / MyTouche Blog

And Tatiana is also a very down-to-earth person. She mentioned us also in 2018: “When I was 13 or 14 maybe, I dreamed about visiting the Golden Gate in San Fransisco. And I painted this a lot, I have a big pile of my drawings back at hometown. And when I first saw this bridge I was so happy, I was completely shocked. That was the most beautiful moment of the tour.”

Since those interviews, I look at them differently. They are so real and rare, treasures for the music industry and fans also. And they are also one of the most energetic bands on stage. Tatiana is one of the best frontwomen who drives everyone crazy. In my opinion, the fact, that she built up her own image and stage presence is amazing. It’s very rare, when a singer is capable of building up her own style and yet remains tasteful and classy. I’m sure they are one of the top rising bands and I truly believe, that they will be able to grow as big as Slipknot for example.


1) Teacher, Teacher
2) Sit Stay Roll Over
3) Ape
4) Judgement (& Punishment)
5) I Speak Astronomy
6) Dreadful Moments
7) Who’s Gonna Be the One
8) Retrospection
9) Perennial
10) On the Top
11) Pit of Consciousness
12) Just Another
13) Words of Wisdom
14) Pisces


Photo: Péter Tepliczky / MyTouche Blog

The Agonist also has a very special place in my heart, because Vicky Psarakis was one of our first interviewees back in 2017. When we asked her about her relationship with her bandmates, she replied: “I think the most important thing is who you’re with, because you know, the band is like a family and you have to get along with them. So as long as you’re in a good environment, you get along and you have fun I wouldn’t say it’s difficult.” (Click here for the full interview.)


Photo: Péter Tepliczky / MyTouche Blog

Last time we saw them at Dürer Kert, which was really small for them. Barba Negra was ideally big for them, however, I felt that they are quite exhausted and tired – maybe because of the long year and touring. So I missed the energy that they had in 2017. I guess they were a bit tense because of Chris Kells‘ situation. If you’re not familiar with the story, here’s are some details about the situation, but if you click here you can check their full statement what they posted on Facebook. “Friends, it comes with great disappointment and frustration to announce that I will not be on the 70k of metal cruise, or the upcoming Fleshgod Apocalypse tour this March with The Agonist. This comes as a result not of choice but because of US border regulations.” Summa summarum: Chris has been banned from the USA for 5 years and during that time he won’t be able to perform in the United States in the following years, so Pavlo Haikalis will be filling in for Chris.

Honorable mentions: thanks to both the support acts, Khroma and Space of Variations for warming us up!

Special thanks go to Hammer Concerts Hungary!

Our full gallery of the concert is available here!

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