Caution: Amazons on stage!

MyTouche Blog‘s first official gig (where we attended as journalists) was Female Metal Voices Tour in 2017, Budapest. There we did an interview with Emma Zoldan (Sirenia) and Vicky Psarakis, so I can say that it was a milestone for us. Last year the tour didn’t come to Hungary, but this year the Hungarian fans had more luck and finally, the tour reached Budapest again!

Photo: Péter Tepliczky / MyTouche Blog

However I was very excited and I awaited all the bands, but the must-see one was Forever Still for me, but they couldn’t make it to Budapest: sadly they got flat tire, the problem hasn’t been solved in time and they had to cancel the show. Because of that, there was a change in the schedule, in the main room the opening band was Asphodelia from Italy. Well, they are pretty powerful and this chance was very well deserved, I think they were a great opening act for that night. Plus point that they didn’t seem frightened at all. I mean, there are a lot of bands which fall into pieces when they have to perform on a bigger stage. Samuela is a strong-minded frontwoman, a real amazon, and her battleground is the stage. However, there are small things that they have to change (in my opinion) if they want to grow bigger. The appearance of the members and the stage presence still need to be polished, but I really think that they are on the right way.

Photo: Péter Tepliczky / MyTouche Blog

The next band was Sirenia. This was our third Sirenia gig, the last one was back in March when they promoted their new album, Arcane Astral AeonsHonestly, I can’t write anything new: Emma Zoldan is a very good choice and fits the band. You can just see that she truly enjoys what she does. However I (used to be) team Ailyn (and I still miss her), but I think the band is now complete. I just feel that all of them enjoy the shows, they seem free and very communicative with the audience. Prior to my very first Sirenia concert I was a bit nervous, but already back then I was able to see with my own eyes that the fans locked Emma in their heart pretty quickly. It’s just almost impossible to dislike her.


1) In Styx Embrace
2) Dim Days of Dolor
3) Treasure n’ Treason
4) Queen of Lies
5) The Twilight Hour
6) Into the Night
7) Meridian
8) My Mind’s Eye
9) The Other Side
10) The Path to Decay

Photo: Péter Tepliczky / MyTouche Blog

Because of my sickness, the last band for us was Leaves’ Eyes for that night. We saw them for the second time – last year we also had an opportunity to do an exclusive interview with the frontwoman, Elina Siirala (if you are curious, you can read the interview if you click here). But to be honest: the stage was too small for them. If you know the band, and if you have seen them already, you might know, that usually they put together a very intense and spectacular show with shield walls and even Alexander Krull put his Viking clothes on and draws his (probably fake) sword. So yeah, they have quite a big show and the stage just wasn’t enough. Dürer Kert is just too small for them. Probably they felt quite uncomfortable, they barely had space, but they are professionals: they gave a hundred percent and the audience just truly enjoyed the show.


1) Sign of the Dragonhead
2) Serkland
3) Across the Sea
4) My Destiny
5) Swords in Rock
6) Black Butterfly
7) Jomsborg
8) Edge of Steel
9) Hell to the Heavens
10) Night of the Ravens
11) Beowulf
12) Blazing Waters

Our full gallery of the concert is available – just click here.

Special thanks to Hammer Concerts Hungary.


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    1. Yeah, sadly they canceled two or maybe three shows because of the punctures 😞 I really hope that they will come to Budapest in 2020, I want to see them sooo badly!


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