“I always knew I had to fight and not to give up, whatever happens”

Approximately one year ago I found a bulgarian symphonic metal band, named METALWINGS on YouTube – I became a fan immediately and I was so obsessed to find and buy their albums. I soon realized that they hadn’t yet released their debut material. But the times are changing – and “For All Beyond” is available worldwide since the middle of April.

“Most of all we feel satisfied. Time for us does not fly with the same speed that it can fly for our fans. But during these 8 years, it was more important to keep the band and to find the best people and musicians for it” – replied the singerStela Atanasova when we asked her about the last eight years (the bulgarian band was formed in 2010) and their current feelings. “After that creating the album was just a pleasure. I personally, and my colleagues feel very happy after the release of the album, because we could not wait to introduce it to the world and through it to reach more fans to this style of music. The reviews for the album are great and we are really happy.

At the moment, we have a short break, after which we’ll start work on new songs because we do not intend to wait 8 years for the next album.

The sooner we create the new songs so sooner we will start to record it. Overall, this is the goal we have set in the near future.”

A lot can happen in 8 years – it wasn’t different in METALWINGS‘ case, there were many ups and downs during these long years. The most difficult moments during these years were when some of the formers members left the band.

There were times when it was all about the band to survive. And not just because a member has left, but because you’re wondering – do I have to go on?

There is no guarantee of anything, only your own belief in what you are doing. As you know, there are very good bands that have lost their way over the years and unfortunately have given up because they have failed to keep the flame. There has never been such a moment to me. I always knew I had to fight and not to give up, whatever happens.

Stela Atanasova

The band has always been a priority to me and I have devoted all my time and energy to it. I knew there would come a day when all my efforts would have made sense. It is not easy for anyone nowadays – especially if you do something worthwhile.

We live in a time of moral losses, damaging values, the arts have to serve to information technologies and digital evolution.

In such difficult moment I can only say – good to those who struggle to preserve the classic, the good and the eternal. There must always be someone who can keep the foundations intact. There will be many who will try to break the construction, to build a new one and to use newer technologies. But without foundation – everything will collapse. So, our band has gone through many difficult times, and I suppose the toughest ones are yet to come but I intend to lead it boldly forward because I know people need our music. There will always be hope for music and I totally rely on that.

The things that inspired me to write the songs to the album are precisely the difficult moments we went through and the really beautiful moments that followed.

Difficult things really make you stronger, because the very fact that you have not given up already means that you have overcome your fears, and you are ready for battles.

The things you would find behind the songs are mostly inspired by real life, experiences, dreams and inspirations of every human being. However different from each other, we are actually very much the same – we all need air, water, sleep, love and beauty.”

Metalwings 1_mod

“I usually work alone first” – told us Stela and she shared some secrets about their working method. “I compose the music, harmony, the main orchestral parts and the lyrics. When I’m ready with all these aspects then I send the song to the rest of the band and we start working together on the arrangement. We give the final touches to it, choose the most appropriate guitar riffs that fit good with the drums and don’t stop working on a certain song until we’re not satisfied with every single note.”

Well, it’s not a secret that many of the professional musicians have another jobs. “Yes, nowadays for independent and self-financed bands – just like ours – we have to work something else, so we can afford to play. But this will be so until the music does not become our main occupation – we hope it will happen soon. I’m a lecture at a University, Krastyo and Milen are programmers, Blackie has an auto service, Grigor is a constructional engineer and Angel works for a Ministry of Defense.”

Please support the band by buying their music – just click on photo below.

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"I associate heavy metal with fantasy because of the tremendous power that the music delivers." - Christopher Lee

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