“I need to wait till the inspiration strikes” – a quick chat with Emilio of Sojourner

Melancholic black metal symbiosis Sojourner paved the way for another undeniably impressive next chapter with their outstanding new offering and single, Perennial, released as an exclusive vinyl edition and digitally on June 4 via Napalm Records.

Like no other, the maestros of levitating bleakness captivate the listener by combining harsh black metal influences and instrumental folk interludes with atmospheric soundscapes, while painting a picture of unexplored nature alongside an endless journey towards the horizon. “Perennial” comes along with the stunning hymn Relics of the Natural Realm, a sequel to the band’s very first song Heritage of the Natural Realm, that captures the identity of wilderness transferred into beautiful melodies and enchanting vocals.

Throughout their meaningful lyricism, erupting in Emilio Crespo’s intense growls while being carried on through the ethereal vocals of new vocalist Lucia Amelia EmmanueliSojourner reaches the innermost soul to leave a long-lasting impact. With the color of their own and unique musical identity and every note of this exceptional progression created by songwriting genius Mike Lamb, the six-piece is ready to write another chapter in their marvelous book of atmospheric black metal tales. Here’s our quick interview with Emilio!

Biggest challenges in the past 1,5 years:

Not being able to play live and promote our latest album “Premonitions” would have to be the biggest letdown.

The messages behind “Perennial” and “Relics of the Natural Realm” are:

I was revisiting the lyrical content from our first album “Empires of Ash” and wanting to expand upon the subject matter of the earth’s decline due to human intervention. Not so much killing the planet but more so killing the possibility of us being able to survive much longer on it.


We had all our plans canceled. A livestream with Sojourner would not be possible due to having members all over the place and the logistics behind such an endeavor is far too complex to pull off.

Overcoming creative blocks:

For me personally, I need to wait till the inspiration strikes. Otherwise, I just feel like I’m forcing the words and I’ll never be satisfied with that.

Thank you to everyone who has supported Sojourner over the last 6 years. It means a lot and it’s the reason we’re here today!

Emilio’s message to the fans

Coverphoto by Heike Langhans

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"I associate heavy metal with fantasy because of the tremendous power that the music delivers." - Christopher Lee

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