“We tried to take the songs to a bit darker place on this album” – Introducing: Daze of June

Daze of June walks a double-edged sword between aggressive and heavy parts combined with a melodic and melancholic musical landscape. With the 2018 release of ‘Heart of Silver’ the band reached prominence on the Danish metal scene and began establishing themselves on the European market, with EU tours alongside Thy Art is MurderDead Letter Circus, and Siamese. They are now gearing up to unleash their sophomore release, ‘Tainted Blood’ set to be released on February 19 through Prime Collective, which offers a variety of dynamic, hard-hitting songs with melodic hooks. The singerBenjamin Julian Ganzhorn answered our questions.


Well, me and former drummer Dennis have grown up together, being classmates and living in the same little town just outside of Roskilde. They eventually formed the band in 2012 or 2013 and settled on the name Archives of Alaska. Guitarist Sylvester joined a couple of years ago after responding to a post we made, and Simon replaced our former bassist, also named Simon later. We then changed our name to Daze of June, as we thought too many bands used Alaska in their name nowadays. We all have been playing in different punk-, rock- and hardcore bands, around Roskilde and Copenhagen, none of which really have gained that much attention.

Behind the name:

You know, it´s just a play on words which we thought sounded cool… Daze when pronounced can sound like ‘Days’ and June can be the month, but also a girl’s name. In a brainstorm and a lot of possible names put on the table, this is what we came up with that sounded the most like the kind of stuff we make. I wish there was a very cool story to tell, but honestly, there is no deeper meaning to it. (laughs)


On our new album, there is inspiration from a lot of different genres. You might discover a lot of hardcore parts or blackgaze vocals and a blastbeat or two, which we haven’t really done before. We are listening to a lot of different stuff in the band. Sylvester brings in some interesting knowledge from Japan and I come with some good hardcore vibes. Simon also has a lot of inspiration from a lot of different metal acts.

Insipration behind the new album, Tainted Blood:

We tried to take the songs to a bit darker place on this album. Inspiration comes from personal touchy subjects such as suicide and mental illness. Sylvester wrote most of the music after learning about his father´s suicide. Dennis wrote the lyrics brilliantly from personal experiences and from the stories and information we provided. We went heavier and used a lower tuning. We still maintained the big melodic choruses, which we enjoy and feel that we execute well. All the songs are kind of related to our personal experiences in some way, shape, or form and we feel this album has a more personal and stronger thematic concept. This album will take you through the whole emotional rollercoaster.

Describe your new album in 5 words!

Heavy, catchy, energetic, dark-themed, head-banging!


When it comes to the making of the songs the normal process goes like this: Sylvester is the main writer of the instrumental parts. He makes the first draft of the songs and then runs it by me who come with input and ideas. We then type it in the program and make the form of the song so we can work on it from there. I make the vocal melodies and harmonies and then Dennis (the former drummer) would write the lyrics.


It’s affected us in the way that we are not able to play shows with a standing audience and because of that we have postponed the release of our second album. It was scheduled to release in October, but because of the situation, it has been postponed to the 19th of February, where we will now play a big release show with a seated audience. We’ve been lucky that we haven’t had any touring plans in this period, but we know other bands that have been hit hard by that.

Online concert:

As of now we have not done any streaming shows nor have any plans to do so, but it is definitely an option moving forward. We have chosen not to play any show until we release our album, so that is mainly the reason behind it. If the COVID-19 situations extend for a longer period, we will definitely look into it once we release our album.

Fun facts:

We have a funny story from our first tour where we played some shows in Eastern Europe with Thy Art is Murder. We had to drive down there from Denmark in an old station car, and somewhere in Austria the three of us, who weren’t driving, decided to buy a huge load of Rosé wine and get extremely drunk. Suddenly, somewhere in Croatia, the GPS stopped working and Dennis – who was driving – is an amazing guy but not the best road finder. This resulted in three very drunk people trying to find the way using an old road map of Europe. We ended up in a small Croatian village with large abandoned butchering factories in the middle of the night. Like taken right out of a shitty horror movie, we had to stop here for gas. Needless to say, that was the fastest gas-stop I’ve ever seen. We ended up driving around in these small villages for hours before finding our way back to the main road.
Touring tip: don’t get wasted in the middle of the night in no-mans-land Croatia. It has now become a tradition for us to have a glass of Rosé wine on our way to shows or backstage before the shows.

We hope that you guys reading this will now want to check out our music, especially our new album ‘Tainted Blood’ which we release on the 19th of February. A lot of effort has been put into making this album and we hope you will enjoy it as much as we did making it.

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"I associate heavy metal with fantasy because of the tremendous power that the music delivers." - Christopher Lee

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