“Hardworking people inspire me to work just as hard as them if not harder” – Introducing: Sharone

Introducing an alternative spiritual element to Halloween, dark rock artist Sharone has released the visually compelling official music video for her empyreal new single, “Fade Away.” Directed by Kyle Lamar at Digital Myle, “Fade Away” is the second track off of the enigmatic artist’s upcoming LP, Morbid Illusion, due out 5/28/2021 via Devil Inside Records

Fade Away” is my empowerment anthem. It’s a reminder to myself and every other artist to never give up on our passion or vision. We doubt ourselves as artists all the time. I’ve been given every reason to quit music, but it flows through my veins, so you’ll never see me drown.

The music video shows a wounded warrior facing death after being tormented for a long time by an evil crow. She feels helpless and weak. Halfway through the video, a dark angel who has been watching over her, comes and leaves her a sword to reach for, along with a spell of strength. Towards the end of the video, the wounded warrior reaches for the sword, and is finally able to get back up and fight her battle.” – said Sharon previously, but here’s our new and fresh interview with her!


I really decided I wanted to become a musician when I was nine years old. I didn’t tell my parents about it until over three years later. They kind of laughed it off and thought I would change my mind, but here we are a decade later. They’ve become a little more supportive over the years. I think they just finally realized there was no stopping me.


Hardworking people inspire me to work just as hard as them if not harder. I’m driven by what some view as “unattainable” goals. I tell myself I want to do something and I’ll spend every day of the rest of my life trying to achieve it until I get there. As far as bands go, I’m most inspired by Evanescence. They were the band who made me realize I wanted to become a rock singer, and have been my biggest inspiration since.

Inspiration behind the latest album, Reflection:

I was most inspired by personal growth and the events that lead me to spend time self-reflecting and growing as an individual. That was the whole premise of the album. I am working on a new album, it has actually already been recorded and is set to release May 28th, 2021. The album is called ‘Morbid Illusion’.

‘Morbid Illusion’ will be heavier, eerie, vulnerable, raw, and therapeutic.


My project has moved entirely to digital for the foreseeable future. COVID-19 has canceled two of my tours and multiple bigger shows. And while there is no live music possibility on the horizon, I haven’t been looking for musicians to play live with, and just been focusing on creating new music and music videos to release online instead.

Biggest challenges:

Planning tours. I was completely DIY before I signed with DI Records, and I planned and organized all of my tours: booking the shows themselves, finding travel routes, landing tour vans, finding places to stay for myself and the 4-5 musicians that would tour with me, the finances, etc. It was a lot of work. But it was always worth it.

Online concerts:

I’ve done a few of them. If we don’t see any live possibilities for the spring, I may do some more live streams after the new year.

The first two singles from ‘Morbid Illusion’ are called “Can We Pretend” and “Fade Away” and they’re both available now on all streaming platforms as well as with music videos on YouTube. The album is coming out May 28th, 2021, but more from it will be released before then. Stay tuned!

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"I associate heavy metal with fantasy because of the tremendous power that the music delivers." - Christopher Lee

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