Finally I got my way to Supernova Kill Road

So, this post will be very different than the previous ones. That’s why I’m pretty confused, that where should I start. I know, I know – at the beginning, but it’s not as easy as it seems. But let’s get into it!

Samer Elnahhal released his first solo album last year. Supernova Kill Road is simply a masterpiece: if I write “funky industrial space metal”, well, that’s describes it pretty well. But here’s the background story: After departing from Lordi in 2019, where he played bass as “OX” for almost 14 years, he has been recording his album of funky industrial space metal, while he is also busy tapping that bass for Down South Junkies. (Last year we did an interview with him, which you can read here.)

Photo: Péter Tepliczky / MyTouche Blog

Supernova Kill Road” was out digitally on July 24th in 2020 while on August 5th the first physical copies in a CD format arrived, and on September the vinyl edition was released. And when did he decide that he wants to do a solo album? “This had been on my mind for a long time. Maybe 20 years. Now I was finally ready to do it. I just wanted to use all my riffs and lyrics from the past and seal that chapter. Even though I had to re-write most of it, but still…” He also added, that he has been working on the album one year exactly. (Note: recently he posted the video embed below, so I hope that the next album will come out soon!)

So, the story was the following: I love vinyls, so after I saw that the vinyl edition has been released, I was so passionate about getting my own, so when I saw that giveaway on Samer’s page, I immediately commented and followed the instructions – in the end, I was one of the winners and I was incredibly happy, especially since Samer signed those copies also. We crossed-checked the infos, gave him my address and every necessary detail, and the long wait has started… I’ve waited for months, and – of course – during that period I was constantly in touch with Samer. This package never arrived… I can say, that we were pretty patient, I tried to get some information about it (where it is, is it lost…etc.), but Magyar Posta did only two things: usually they completely ignored me, or when they replied it was truly nothing useful. But luckily Samer was so nice that he offered me to send it again, but this time with DHL. It was a great idea, because I received it within a few days!

I can’t tell you how happy I was when finally I could hold it in my hands! I love this album absolutely, it’s signed, so it’s definitely the most unique vinyl I own at the moment!

If you’d like to have your own copy, just click the photo below and it will take you to the webshop!

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