“After a concert in Russia, some people gave me an acoustic guitar and asked me to play all the songs I knew of Toto Cutugno” – Introducing: A Crime Called

Italy-based, alternative rock quartet A Crime Called has released the official music video for “Drown,” off of their newly released album, A New Path. “ ’Drown’ is the result of an intercontinental journey; the video is shot in a former asylum, and the images give a feeling of abandonment and claustrophobia, which works against the meaning of the song. The concept is to resist, to try not to drown, maybe finding someone who is salvation and a hope for you.” – stated the band. Let’s meet with the voice of A Crime CalledAndrea Verdi!


The community of musicians in my area was very small. You personally met every musician. Forming a band was less difficult than you might think.

Behind the name:

The choice of the name was random. I was in front of the computer. I typed the name with the three dots, I checked and there was no band with that name!


We are inspired by interpersonal relationships, strong emotions, the sadness of loneliness, difficult moments, love…

The trip to New York inspired me a lot, where I recorded “Drown” and “Weekend Odyssey” together with the great Dan Korneff.

Usually, bm inspires me at night, the moment of the day when I stay alone and write songs.


For the realization of “A New Path”, our new album, I took care of writing 70% of the songs. Biagio (the guitarist) composed the music for “Tidal Waves” and “Hide the Feelings”. In other songs like “Over Again” and “Pop Could Kill” I wrote the electronic and synthesizer parts with producer friends Andrea Bertolini and Christian Tambornini. Things usually go like this: I arrive in the rehearsal room with the finished song, we play it until it seems perfect to us, then we record it.


The COVID-situation in Italy is still very difficult. Our nation is divided into zones and it is impossible to travel more than 30 kilometers. There is no social life, there is no live music…

Online concerts:

I don’t like online concerts. They have no emotions. You can’t physically see people. You can’t hear their voices, their screams, their applause…

Fun facts:

After a concert in Russia, some people gave me an acoustic guitar and asked me to play all the songs I knew of Toto Cutugno, a really sleazy Italian singer, but very well known in Eastern Europe and considered a divinity! I obviously knew them and played all of them. People didn’t want me to go on the bus anymore.

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"I associate heavy metal with fantasy because of the tremendous power that the music delivers." - Christopher Lee

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