Journey through sins and virtues – introducing: Marble

Marble is back! The melodic metal band from north Italy will present their new opera, the following to 2008 “A.t.G.o.d.” (Y Records/Warner) and the 2010 self-titled Ep. The new album is named “S.A.V.E.”, will present a lyrical connection between the songs, focused on the three theological virtues and the seven deadly sins. The new members, Eleonora Travaglino on vocals and Norman Ceriotti (Defamed, Roll for Initiative) along with founders Paul Beretta, Omar Gornati on guitarsDaniel Fleba on bass, and Jacopo Marchesi on keyboards, will blend both melody and aggressiveness into a mix of melodic choruses, heavy guitar, technical rhythms, and keyboard harmonies. The album has been produced by Giulio Capone (Moonlight Hazeex-TemperanceBejelit). The artwork for “S.A.V.E.” will be created by the great Finnish artist Jan Yrlund of, which will also create their first lyric video. Here’s our interview with the singer, Eleonora!


Marble was an idea of a bass player, Daniel, who created with some local musicians an ensemble to play prog and power metal. Soon the guitarist, Omar, and keyboard player Jacopo joined the band and paul completed the lineup as lead guitarist. There were a few changes behind the mic during the years. The band published their first demo, then in 2008 our first full-length A.T.G.O.D. came out, and an EP in 2010. After a forced stop, Marble reprised the project with me as a new singer. We re-recorded a song from our first album for a compilation with the new lineup and began recording the new stuff for S.A.V.E.

Behind the name:

The first ensemble used to rehearse in a marble workshop since the drummer at the time owned it. Being surrounded by marble gravestones made the choice almost mandatory!


The biggest influences can be found in bands like Evergrey, Nevermore, maybe something like Epica, but we imbued our sound with everything we like the most without really caring about genres.

Inspiration behind the new album, S.A.V.E.:

It varies. In the first album, every song was stand-alone stories, in this latest work, songs have a lyrical connection, a theme, that links them together. We had this idea, to combine the concept of sins and virtues with human behaviors. We tried to find our own approach to the subject: not religious, more down-to-earth, probably a bit cynical and dispassionate. It’s a theme we found tremendously appealing.


It really depends on the song. Sometimes the idea came out from a title, sometimes is just a vocal line or a riff. Usually, Daniel (the bass player) is the one who gathers all the ideas and assembles them. File sharing simplified this process a lot over the years. Daniel also is the one who writes most of the lyrics.


We used these pandemic times to finish and promote the new album S.A.V.E. Also we’re forced to keep the distance, so the internet came in our help. Of course, rehearse is prohibited, so online meetings and file sharing are the only tools left to create a virtual studio to keep the music going. Live clubs are all closed in Italy, we really hope this situation ends soon!

Fun facts:

Many years ago we were invited to play in some kind of hippy camp in the northwest of Italy, to find out we were the only metal band present. It was weird but funny in the end. We were the only with Children Of Bodom or Slayer t-shirts among flowers and long skirts!

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"I associate heavy metal with fantasy because of the tremendous power that the music delivers." - Christopher Lee

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