4 band-members, covering 6 nationalities & 6 different languages – introducing: Beyond Frequencies

Beyond Frequencies was founded by singer and songwriter Mel Schweickardt. The singer with Norwegian and German roots, who grew up in Switzerland, followed through with her vision to create a sound she calls “heavy pop”. As a hybrid of metal and pop Beyond Frequencies developed its own identity, transforming metal songcraft and pop-influenced vocals into a winning combination.

Clean vocals and catchy melodies give Beyond Frequencies their unique cut and make the heavy sound accessible to a broad audience. Beyond Frequencies hit the mark of those music lovers whose playlists contain not only metal but also songs from other genres, because they enjoy the variety of different music styles.

The brand-new act is anything but new to the game. To bring Beyond Frequencies to life, the singer gathered cutting-edge musicians, who are up to every trick in the book. With previous acts the entertainers toured the US, Mexico, El Salvador, and among Germany and Norway various European countries. Two of Beyond Frequenciesmusicians, Dave and Mel, are even companions for many years and shared the stage many times before. For example, they played together in the legendary nightclub Viper Room in Hollywood, where the Pussycat Dolls already made it big. And for impressive three years they held the Center Stage of the infamous Burning Man Festival.

By working with Christoph Siemons and Fabian Zimmermann on the production, Beyond Frequencies managed to bring two very talented producers on board. Christoph, once mastermind of the symphonic-metal band “Krypteria“, knows how to stage female vocals into a heavy sound structure. While Fabian has this certain feeling on how to combine established patterns of metal music with a modern touch. What are their plans for the near future? Check out our small chit-chat with the vocalist of Beyond Frequencies, Mel!

Upcoming album:

We are working on a new album, first songs are already finished and produced. The album is scheduled to be released in autumn 2021, but with the current pandemic this might be postponed. As for now, we are still on track.


Like every musician, unsurprisingly we are no exception. COVID-19 affects everything. The release of our debut single in March was on the exact day when the lock-down in our area was announced – guess which news were the bigger ones. And we were supposed to play some first live gigs during the festival season to promote the new album. Also, there will be no tour this winter. And next festival season – if it is going to happen after all – it is mostly copy&paste of the line-up of 2020, hence most of the slots are taken and we hardly get any bookings. Also, the production of the current album was affected. Half of the sessions were scheduled for May. The producers are in Germany, we live in Switzerland. The boarders were closed several weeks, and no one knew for how long. As soon as they were opened, we rushed to the studio to finish the songs – fortunately we made on time. (laughs)
You can’t change the weather. All we can do is try to make the best out of the situation. And hope that we somehow health-wise but also financially manage to keep our heads above water, which gets harder with every week.

Online concert:

This is an option, but unfortunately, it is not as easy as it sounds, because we can hardly afford it. Online concerts are pretty intense in the organization if you want to produce a decent quality. Properly done, this involves some costs (venue, lighting, camera team, sound engineer etc.). These costs are not covered because, unlike “normal” concerts, there are not many options to get paid reasonably for the streaming of performances. Basically, the artists are spending money to entertain you…What a topsy-turvy world.
Still, we are currently planning to produce an online concert soon. Follow us on Instagram so you don’t miss the news on when it is going to be broadcast.

Fun facts:

We are 4 band-members, covering 6 nationalities & 6 different languages!

If you haven’t done it yet –listen to Megalomania now and let us know how you like it! And we want to ask you for another favor. It is a tough time for all of us, especially for creatives. If you enjoy music, please consider buying your next hoodie or t-shirt that you need anyways, from your favorite band. They make great christmas presents too! What an easy way to keep music alive! Take care & stay healthy!

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"I associate heavy metal with fantasy because of the tremendous power that the music delivers." - Christopher Lee

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