13 reasons why – the next step against cyberbullying

In my opinion being a teenager in nowadays is tougher than ever. Cyberbullying is the new era of bullying which seems neverending: internet trolls use electronic communications to stalk a victim may pose a credible threat to the safety of the victim.

The new Netflix series, “13 Reasons Why” is one of the most realistic creation about this issue.


“You know, Hannah is an imperfect person. She pushes people away. People, who – we know – would been there for her. You know, she could have been more open” – said  Jay Asher, the author of “13 Reasons Why” who emphasized also: it’s okay if you realize that Hannah, the victim “wasn’t perfect and she didn’t do anything what she could have.”

If you’re not popular, school sucks. I know that, I was a victim also. But I made mistakes too, for example in those few weeks when an other victim was a target I toed to the line – although I knew how it feels being a target. I truly regretted it because I could have been more clever and I knew exactly how did she feel like. This is a mistake that a victim, who has also gone through all of this, should have not fall into it!

Anyway, “13 Reasons Why” could be a very serious step to taken cyber-bullying more seriously. On their Facebook page there are thousands of comments about how was “13 Reasons Why” life changing for them. For example:

“13 Reasons Why taught me that little things also matter and suicide is not a choice. After watching this, I started to care people around me more then I cared before.”

Always remind yourself: don’t be a person who hurt others in attempt to heal himself.

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