“You have to find your own voice, your own thing” – interview with Linus “Lee” Wester of Symphony Of Sweden

If you like your music soft and fragile then probably Symphony Of Sweden is not for you (on the other hand, if it would be the case, you probably wouldn’t be here). Coming from the North of Sweden with winter and ice bears all over the place, the music is the other way around. Grand and epic with huge arrangements, the missing link between pop and metal! Add the powerful voice of Linus “Lee” Wester and the creative talent of Pontus “Evan” Hagberg you will have a concept that brings you on a journey from here to eternity. Welcome to the musical world of Symphony Of Sweden! We introduce the band in a two-part article series – check out our second interview with Lee (vocals, guitars)! (You can find the part 1 interview with Evan here.)

I grew up on music. My whole family loves music, it was always around. I knew quite early that I wanted to do music, first and foremost as a rock singer, but it took many years for me to find my voice.

I started very early, if there was an opportunity in school or somewhere I could do music I was first in line.

I play a lot of instruments, piano, guitar, drums, trombone, harmonica.

My parents are the best, they always supported me. They knew how much I wanted to do it, and they were always there. My family is my biggest supporter.

Music is my life. I live and breathe it. So my inspiration comes from my own life.

I went to a music high school and had vocals as my first instrument. I worked with a professional vocal coach for 3 years, but no, that did not work for me. You have to find your own voice, your own thing. It may work for some people. But it did not work for me, having someone tell me how I should do it… You have to give it time, a lot of time and work.

I listen to all kinds of music if it’s good, I listen. It doesn’t matter what kind of genre it is, but I always loved singing rock, and that’s my thing.

I like writing about obstacles and trying to overcome them to be the best version of myself. And sometimes I just want to tell a story.

Both I and Evan loves to make music, it’s in our DNA, we can’t turn it off. I never have a quiet moment in my head. I always hear melodies. So yes, we are working on the next album.

Cover photo: Sophie Knapp

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"I associate heavy metal with fantasy because of the tremendous power that the music delivers." - Christopher Lee

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