“We are programmed, influenced by our surroundings” – Introducing: Programmable Animal

Programmable Animal is focused on the idea that all individuals are influenced by their surroundings. Stemming out of Chicago, the band derives its sound from the hammering of industrialized rock/metal tones with a touch of ambience. Led by frontman Drepsea, Programmable Animal aims to create a visceral, cathartic, and soulful experience with its audience. The band’s first album, “End of the Tail” was self-released and produced in 2018. Following the release, Programmable Animal has toured in the US as well as opened for numerous national acts such as Orgy, Powerman 5000, Dope, HED PE, and more.

Programmable Animal’s latest release “One Step to Hell”, has been produced and mixed by renowned producer Sean Beavan (Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson, Slayer, 3TEETH, & No Doubt). During the making of this album, the group recorded certain tracks with producer Chuck Macak at his studio (Born of Osiris, Fall of Troy, & Letlive). After the completion of the record, Programmable Animal signed with the label Negative Gain in 2020 and released “One Step to Hell” on 11/11/2020. After all this, we hope you’ve gained some interest in the band and you’ll read our interview with the frontman, Drepsea!


The band was a project I started years ago. It was a means of expressing my views. Jay, our drummer, and Trent, who’s on guitar, joined up earlier last year.

Behind the name:

The band name revolves around the idea that we are programmed, influenced by our surroundings. Similar to philosopher John Locke’s theory of Tabula Rasa. The idea that everyone is born as a blank slate and our experiences are what shape us. I’ve always been interested in the idea that depending on where we’re born, we could be an entirely different version of ourselves. That’s fascinating to me, are we really who we think we are? (smiles)


Music gave me a sense of identity, soul, and purpose. Ultimately, personal situations inspire the lyrics, music. I also take inspiration from psychology, philosophy, and spirituality. Being creative was an outlet for me to express my views. Also, just whatever I was dealing with at the time, music helped mitigate that in a therapeutic way.

Inspiration behind “One Step to Hell”:

The song “One Step to Hell,” was initially inspired by a dream where I was in what seemed to be hell. Essentially trapped with others, dormant… Wired up, and not being able to escape, even when I tried to float to the surface and towards the sky. Seemed like I had some work to do, perhaps on my soul. During the time period of having the dream, a lot of things were falling apart around me. The dream seemed rather symbolic. I had a series of unfortunate encounters, some with close friends driven purely by narcissistic backstabbing tendencies. Also, dealing with friends, loved ones around me having issues with drugs. One, in particular, was a heroin overdose, where I needed to perform CPR on them to save their life. Just a lot was happening, the record was a result of all the chaos that was forcefully encompassing my life. Literally, “blood, sweat, and tears.” One Step to Hell was a reflection of this, though no matter how close things seem to be “One Step to Hell,” we always have the choice to push forward and make our situations better. I needed to remind myself of that, and not let the troubling experiences control my every thought. Music growing up for me, was something I was instantly allured to since it gave a sense of empowerment. I wanted to make this record a bit more empowering to the listener, and if one of the tracks helps someone in any way, that truly makes it all worthwhile.


It’s definitely put me right back into the studio, which is where I like to be. Hoping this all resolves in the near future, because I know it is affecting a lot of people. We all just need to stay optimistic though.

Whenever we have a disagreement, it results in a Jiu-Jitsu match. Previous members of the band are no longer here… (smiles)


Online concert:

The idea has come up, though I prefer an in person live experience. There is nothing more cathartic and visceral than a live concert with everyone together.

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"I associate heavy metal with fantasy because of the tremendous power that the music delivers." - Christopher Lee

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