The Witches set the stage on fire

I was incredibly excited! Life in Hungary is (slowly but surely) getting back to normal, at least it seems. There are more and more concerts in Budapest and even though I have a lot of work and studying to do, I take every opportunity to go to these great gigs!

Unfortunately, we missed the first half of the first band’s, Systemhouse33 show. Nevertheless, the Indian band made a deep impression, they were such a great start of a great evening. The second band was the Swedish thrash metal trio, WarfectSwedish bands are usually great, and yes, they were too!

After the first two shows, while we waited for the upcoming bands, I heard that it wasn’t a sold-out show. I was quite saddened by this, the line-up was really strong and after a period like this (in my opinion) we should take every opportunity to go to a good gig like this one.

The upcoming band was the highly-awaited Nervosa! Only the founding guitarist, Prika Amaral remained from the original line-up. The line-up was actually completely changed in 2020: Eleni Nota is on drums now, Mia Wallace is the bassist, and Diva Satanica is on lead vocals. I was a bit worried about the so-called harmony between the band members, because even though it’s been two years, but they haven’t had many opportunities to go on tour for very well-known reasons. But honestly, I shouldn’t worry about anything like that, they made an incredible show.


1) Kings of Domination
2) People of the Abyss
3) Genocidal Command
4) Death!
5) Time to Fight
6) Venomous
7) Into Moshpit
8) Kill the Silence
9) Perpetual Chaos
10) Blood Eagle
11) Masked Betrayer
12) Rebel Soul
13) Guided by Evil
14) Under Ruins

Last but not least: Burning Witches. A dear friend of mine found out on the day of the concert about the gig, but unfortunately, he couldn’t make it. I tried to soak in every moment so that I could tell him my stories about the concert afterward. I was in a difficult position because they were amazing from the first second until the last one that I couldn’t even pick out specific moments. I think they’re one of the strongest female-fronted bands today, and they are relatively underestimated and don’t get the attention they deserve. Maybe because they are a relatively young band. If I’m right, it was their first show in Hungary (if I’m wrong, please write a comment below and correct me). I really hope that they will get much more attention in the upcoming years and when they return to Budapest, they will have a sold-out show. They deserve it.


1) Executed
2) Wings of Steel
3) Sea of Lies
4) Flight of the Valkyries
5) We Stand as One
6) Lucid Nightmare
7) The Witch of the North
8) Witch’s Hammer
9) Black Widow
10) Burning Witches

Check out the full photo album – just click here.

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"I associate heavy metal with fantasy because of the tremendous power that the music delivers." - Christopher Lee

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