“It seemed like a good choice for a headbangers duo rehearsing in a basement” – Introducing: Cellar Twins

Formed in 2014, Cellar Twins debut their first sounds in 2017 with their debut self-titled EP and lead single & music video “My Shell”. The EP was the band’s stepping stone to greatness with its heavy rock riffs, soaring lead lines, deep lyrics and just all-around good time listen with its Belgian progressive, alternative rock flare.
Over the years, Cellar Twins have offered fans an intense journey into a unique universe where light and darkness, passion and rebellion all combine to showcase a multitude of musical horizons and assert itself as a new image of rock music. They have appeared on multiple Belgian festivals such as the Kraken Metal FestivalBear Rock, and American Rock Festival plus have participated in Wacken Open Air’s Metal Battles. Check out our interview with the guitarist, Jeff!


Me and our former drummer, Francesco initially knew each other from a previous softer indie project for which I was asked to fill in. Given our respective tastes for heavy music, we naturally pushed towards upping the energy to a level beyond the tolerable limit for the other members of the project at that time. While this choice led to the end of that initial project, it also served as a fertile ground for us to thrive on, and the band Cellar Twins was born.

Behind the name:

Choosing a name was a huge brain grinder but eventually, “Cellar Twins” was adopted. On the one hand, it had a classy and enigmatic quality to it that we really liked. On the other hand, it seemed like a good choice for a headbangers duo rehearsing in a basement.


Metalcore and alternative metal are probably our main influences, with bands like Alter Bridge, Avenged Sevenfold, Killswitch Engage, etc. However, when listening closely to our tracks, one can also find subtle prog, nu-metal, and djent moves sprinkled here and there. It’s worth noting that our “influences palette” is quite large and gets inputs from every style of music we can get our ears on, no matter the name it carries.

Our music is our way to express ourselves with or without words.

To us, Duality is a depiction of life itself with all its uplifting and crushing moments, expressed with anger, fear, joy, and doubts. It’s a way to let go. Our inspiration originates from a wide range of personal life experiences, some of which are the result of hard-learned lessons. There is no pretense or faking here, we keep it real and authentic. Regarding new material, we currently have half a dozen songs that absolutely slay, so we can’t wait to record everything and have you guys hear it!


The typical writing process we follow is that I bring riffs and ideas for different parts that are then arranged into songs by the band as a whole. The lyrics are written by Carl and I. A few songs with more personal meanings are sometimes written by a single member of the band, but these are more exceptions since we want to maintain a strong team spirit.


Well, postponed gigs and no more rehearsals… But that’s life, and it doesn’t mean that there is nothing to do! We are currently in the writing process for some new material which sounds very promising!

Modern rock with metal flavors

Describe your music in five words!

Online concerts:

We’ve done one of those during the first confinement in Belgium. It was ok but we don’t think we’ll do any of that anymore because playing in front of an empty room really kills most of the fun…

Fun facts:

In the past, we played in several small underground venues where you see many unexpected things. Between the cockroaches running around and the stone drunk security guy yelling to be quiet not to disturb the neighborhood (neighborhood which called the police because of the drunk security guy of course), we remember measuring the size of the mushroom growing from the walls of the restroom in a creepy venue in Brussels. That thing was 7 cm long! Also, like most bands, we mostly do public concerts, but we also did a few private ones. Once after a private concert, two women that could easily be qualified as cougars asked Carl for some “Cellar Treat”.

Stay tuned as we have many good things coming your way! After Millenium and $olace, we’ll have a new movie clip for the song Selfear in a few weeks. Also, as we said, we have some intense songs currently being created and it’s going to be insane. Be ready, because we’ll sure be!

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"I associate heavy metal with fantasy because of the tremendous power that the music delivers." - Christopher Lee

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