Introducing: Hot Sunday Blood

Hot Sunday Blood‘s mesmerizing sound primarily comes from the heavier sphere of grunge/alternative metal, but each band member uniquely affects the sound due to their involvement in metal, stoner, grunge, black metal, prog, and new wave bands and projects.

Having 3 albums under the belt, the Italian group has the tendency to enter a different sonic territory with the advent of the new album. The third and the latest album, Kein Licht, reflects on the journey about psychological human condition seen through a young woman’s eyes. The six-track album is the opening chapter of a two-part opus. Once again outdoing themselves, Hot Sunday Blood veer towards a subtle change in direction with more solid riffs and appealing melodies. Check out our interview with the bassist, Paolo Iulita!



“Andrea (our singer) and Marco (guitar) are long-time friends, and then, as usual, one knows another which knows another, etc… The band was formed in 2013, but we achieved a stable formation only three years ago.”

Behind the name:

“It’s a mood. On Sunday you should relax yourself but your inner troubles hold you back and you keep having bad thoughts. Having ‘hot blood’ is the literal translation of an Italian expression which means feeling angry, out of place, and in a generally bad mood.


“From grunge-like Alice in Chains to more alternative metal acts such as Pyogenesis and also dark bands like Type O Negative, Bauhaus, Katatonia. We are an ensemble with many different personal influences, and that’s absolutely positive for our overall style!”


“Andrea, our singer, writes the lyrics, and since we all enjoy them very much we feel comfortable letting him have this freedom. It’s possible to see a change in the future but for now, we are very happy about that. For the instrumental part we always work together, someone brings a new idea to the rehearsals and all the others add or propose what’s going on in their mood.

Two years ago we had no idea of how Kein Licht would come out. Songs flow out this way, there is no pre-meditation. Things come out as you listen. We are five people with different tastes and preferences – although we are all rooted in the rock & metal genre. Every one of us brings their own. Songs come out pretty fast but we get rid of many of them because we agreed to have high-quality standards and needs from our productions.

We have a common goal and we share what’s needed to achieve it. Maybe the experience helped us in discerning good from bad steps. But the road ahead of us is still long.

We always try to say something important. Our themes are not very positive but we want to avoid being trivial and to speak about bad things just because we are metal and we must do so. The common point here is to talk about personal concepts rather than abstract ones. If you are that type of person you can apply to yourself many of our songs. We get inspiration from everyone we admire, regardless of the genre. Outside the musical world we follow what happens in our lives, every one of us has had its experiences and this makes us different human beings.”

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"I associate heavy metal with fantasy because of the tremendous power that the music delivers." - Christopher Lee

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