“I often get the feeling that people need idols, untouchable artistic figures they can look up to instead of feeling equal” – interview with Laura Gierl of The Tex Avery Syndrome

Back in December, we introduced The Tex Avery Syndrome (you can find the full interview here). I will be completely honest: The Tex Avery Syndrome became one of my favorite bands. I truly believe that there’s a bright future ahead of this band and I was incredibly happy when they sent a message to inform me: they will release a new song. “Howl” debuted on the 16th of July, and prior to the official release, we did an interview with the voice of The Tex Avery Syndrome, Laura Gierl.

-Could you tell me the inspiration behind “Howl”?

-Since we could not tour we started to write new songs. It was pretty much that simple. But especially for our new drummer, it has been important to come out with new music that he is involved in as a songwriter.

With a new band member, it felt like a surprise bag. In which way will the new dynamic transform our music, how will we function together as a team. It’s never easy to replace a drummer, but the working process was fun and very professional. I went with the flow and the dark heavy sound and dug deep into my inner struggles.

In contrast to the old songs, this one is less desperate, less hurt lyric-wise, and more powerful, angrier and I like that. Instead of tearing apart, it gives me a lot of strength.

-What was the biggest challenge during the working process of “Howl”?

-We have a new drummer, Nico. He already played the Origin tour with us but did not take part in the writing process. I wouldn’t say this was a challenge, but more an interesting process of someone new coming in, bringing their ideas and how it also transforms the music.

With “Howl” being written we discussed how we wanted the sound to be and, as a consequence, who will record the new song.

Since we didn’t play any shows for 1,5 years we barely had any income as a band. The challenge was to generate income and find the right people to work with so we can record the song, film a video, and do all the promotion.

Honestly, it’s been and still is a pain in the ass, but it made us even stronger.

-What’s the message behind of “Howl”?

-The lyrics are pretty much about the past 2 years, 2 and a half years, and the inner struggle I had and have with myself as an artist and the music business.

All I ever wanted was to make honest music and write from my heart. I thought that if you are being authentic and good at what you do, you will have the success you deserve. Suddenly people who work in the industry talk about my looks, tell me to dress differently, wear more or less makeup to be successful.

I often get the feeling that people need idols, untouchable artistic figures they can look up to instead of feeling equal, which really hurt me and my idea of art and the society I want to live in. I started asking myself if I should change, can I even change? Who am I and who do I want to be? Is success worth playing a role?

All these thoughts frustrated me and it was great to get it out.

-Can you share some behind-the-scenes secrets about the working process?

-Writing the song felt very organic. Though, it’s new to me that a drummer is that interested in visuals. (smiles) Nico and I worked a lot on the video idea and the concept. Due to the missing income, we wanted to make a simple lyric video first, but the song felt too amazing to not create something bigger. Gladly we had amazing people who worked way too much for way too little money to make all that possible.

-For me “Howl” seems to be more powerful, aggressive, and energetic than your previous songs. 

-I guess it came mainly from Nico’s new impact on the band. He also plays in a black metal band. I really welcome the transformation into harder melodies. Additionally, we changed the guitar sound, which makes the sound more aggressive.

I also never stop working on my vocals, so hopefully, the listeners will hear that, too!

I just want to say thank you to everyone who supports us since this pandemic and every new one who joined the family. I hope you like the new song. Let us know what you think!

Laura’s message to the fans

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"I associate heavy metal with fantasy because of the tremendous power that the music delivers." - Christopher Lee

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