Hungry and ready – Introducing: Gabriel and the Apocalypse

Hailing from the colorful, culture-rich streets of Minneapolis, Minnesota comes the unique sound of industrial rock outfit: Gabriel and the Apocalypse. The band delivers a chaotic, head-turning performance that drips with excess aggression, sex, and the female ferocity of frontwoman: Lindy Gabriel. Years ago, Lindy breathed life into this creature-of-a-project. With a few heavy-hitting albums, national tours, and a solid new lineup, it has since developed into a fully-fledged, national performing force that carries the old industrial torch into the new generation.

The band has spent the last few years cutting their teeth out on the road, getting the spins from doing figure-8s across the US interstate system with bands like Wednesday 13, American Head Charge, Flaw, Mushroomhead, and Lords of Acid. Within this circuit, they have become known for their intense energy on-stage as well as their dedicated professionalism with fans, venue staff, and tour mates. Gabriel and the Apocalypse are born road-dogs and live for the chance to throw down a little Jagër with fans and dance their combat boots off. Off the stage, Gabriel and the Apocalypse is known for the extraordinary production of their music videos and digital media. Praised as “visually stunning,” the band boasts a number of high-quality music videos for hits like “Thrill of the Kill,” “Behind the Sun,” “Electro-Mechanical,” and their powerful rendition of the 1987 Midnight Oil No.1 single, “Beds are Burning.” With excellent replay value, these videos ooze with visual stimulus that exhibits a different facet of the band’s unconventional creativity. Hungry and ready, Gabriel and the Apocalypse plots and schemes their next steps. With notable national tours and charted radio hits under their belt, and an insatiable craving for progress, the band scouts the horizon for a heading. With the world put on hold in 2020, fans across the US are eager to see the band’s return and the latest developments of The Apocalypse. It will be a reckoning and Gabriel and the Apocalypse cannot wait to set sail again in this Musical Orgy on Wheels. Here’s our interview with the vocalist, Lindy Gabriel and guitarist/bassist, Jake LaCore!


Lindy Gabriel: I met Jake in 2002. He was in another band at the time and I was in a band called The Apocalypse at the time. A couple months later I had asked him to fill in on guitar and once we jammed together we felt it was something special and built on that becoming Gabriel and the Apocalypse. I met Figgles at a club in 2008, he was on stage with his band at the time. He had amazing stage presents, he was breaking his keyboard and throwing stuff at the crowd and I was like I need that guy in my band! He joined shortly after that. We met Zach in 2014 when he tried out for us when we were having drum auditions. We met Joey through a mutual friend, he joined in 2015.  

Behind the name:

Lindy Gabriel: I was in a band called The Apocalypse. Once Jake joined, the band was completely rebuilt and reborn. We decided to add my last name to The Apocalypse to represent the growth and the new chapter. It was like a new beginning and a fresh start. 


Jake LaCore: The most inspiring thing to me is seeing bands continue to put new music out over the years. There’s been some good music that’s come out this year and it’s helped as a coping mechanism for the COVID-19 situation.


Jake LaCore: We sometimes work together, sometimes everyone has a task on a particular song. Most of the time we just start with a riff or a beat; doodles that we record down and keep adding layers in the studio one instrument at a time until a song takes shape then we piece them together for live afterwards. But we have also done it differently in the past and certainly don’t count any methods out. 


Jake LaCore: It’s terrible that people are getting sick and some dying. It’s also been a struggle to keep business going when there is no way to tour and make new fans that way. But there is an opportunity for us to spend time working on new material for when things stabilize enough to get on the road again.

Online concert:

Jake LaCore: That is something we have talked about and may do. We’ll see. Lindy Gabriel: we have discussed. GATA is known for our high energy, in your face live performances and I would just want that to translate properly.

Keep checking our social media sites. We are staying as active as possible during this time and once tours resume we plan on coming out balls to the walls! If you would like to support our new music please snag some merch!

Message to the fans

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"I associate heavy metal with fantasy because of the tremendous power that the music delivers." - Christopher Lee

One thought on “Hungry and ready – Introducing: Gabriel and the Apocalypse

  1. Jake , I’m a personal friend and fan of your father’s! Mr. Warren ( frenchy) lacore. I have accustomed myself with your music as he so proudly portrayed your band. I have kept up with listening to you guys and throughout the years and I ou guys are getting better and better throughout the years, I have a couple of ideas I’ll run past your dad for a few remakes if possible, next time you talk with him ask him what Williams thinks you should try won’t hurt my feelings if you don’t want to but just hear me out. Keep up the good work you guys are awesome and I absolutely am a big fan of the theatricals. Impressive


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