How is “The World Today”? – I listened to the new Voivod album

Well, when I received the e-mail from Century Media if I’m interested in the brand new Voivod album I thought: “is it a serious question”? I replied “YES!!!” almost immediately and was very excited about it. However, it wasn’t a long time ago at all, but since then a lot of things have changed – and in the shadow of war, I’m listening to “Synchro Anarchy” with a very different mood. The album couldn’t be more relevant than it is now.

Canada’s progressive sci-fi metal innovators, Voivod actually exists for almost 40 years now. The band introduced their 15th studio album “Synchro Anarchy” in February, following 2018’s highly praised and Juno Award-winning “The Wake” album and 2020’s stellar “Lost Machine – Live” release. “Synchro Anarchy” contains 9 new tracks. 

Listening to “Synchro Anarchy” now definitely gives a different vibe. In recent days, I’ve been listening to it again and again, trying to find out: which is my favorite song? Which song stands out the most? I tried to find my answer, tried to listen to my instincts, feelings… But I couldn’t choose. This album is complete as a whole, for me, it was impossible to choose one song. However, there’s a part of “The World Today” lyrics, which stuck in my head in the last couple of days:

Spread the news out there

For those ones who want to make it fair

Share and play that role

It’s welcomed and good for art and soul

Couldn’t be more relevant, in my opinion…

Summary: the album is absolutely a classic masterpiece. For me, it was a perfect mixture of futuristic and classic vibes, and I have huge respect towards Voivod that after all those long years they can still find inspiration and are capable of getting attention music and lyric-wise. I was listening to “Synchro Anarchy” mainly during work and/or studying, and there was always a part, a snippet, which caught my attention and I started seriously thinking about it. And I think only good music does that.

You can buy “Synchro Anarchy” in 4 different versions at Century Media’s website (just click the photo below):

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"I associate heavy metal with fantasy because of the tremendous power that the music delivers." - Christopher Lee

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