A mindblowing night

On a gloomy Tuesday night 3 great bands, Nailed to Obscurity,  Lord of the Lost and Equilibrium warmed metalhead’s hearts. I’m sorry, but I didn’t find better words for that night.

Photo: Péter Tepliczky / MyTouche Blog

We were really stoked to see finally Nailed to Obscurity live! Péter is a long-time fan of them, what I could understand. Sadly we didn’t manage to go their show back in January 2019 when they were on tour with Soilwork and Amorphis. But our time has finally come! It’s always very challenging to be an opening band on tours because you have to get on stage first, you have to warm up the audience, it’s such pressure and responsibility. But Raimund and the whole band did a great job! I just really love the darkness of their music, it has a chilling vibe, and the amazing thing is that they are able to bring those vibes on live shows as well. I would also emphasize Raimund Ennenga‘s performance as a singer and as a performer. He has such a strong charisma! They deserve much more attention!


1) Black Frost
2) King Delusion
3) Feardom
4) iNnerMe
5) Tears of the Eyeless
6) Desolate Ruin

Photo: Péter Tepliczky / MyTouche Blog

And there’s a band… I have to be serious! So, prior to the concert, I’ve seen a comment on Instagram from someone (honestly, I don’t remember) that when (s)he goes to a concert or festival and if there’s a band what (s)he hasn’t heard about then (s)he doesn’t check it, just let her/himself go with the flow and after their live performance (s)she decides whether (s)he liked it or not. I thought that it’s a great idea, and I didn’t check Lord of the Lost however Péter told me that I’m gonna like them. So I dealt with my temptation. I saw many people wearing their merch prior to their concert, so I thought that they might be a big hit. But I didn’t expect this! How the freakin’ hell?! I haven’t heard about them before! How is this possible? I just really don’t understand! This band is actually on the road of superstardom, their music is great, new, fresh, unpredictable in a very good way, and they are just so humble! You just can see how much they enjoy what they do, and they also appreciate their fans so much. I’m sorry guys, but I became a fangirl. They totally turned Dürer Kert into an arena! And it’s not a surprise that they will go on tour with Iron Maiden this summer. You have to see them, I insist!


1) Lament for the Condemned
2) Morgana
3) Empyrean
4) Drag Me to Hell
5) Under the Sun
6) Loreley
7) Full Metal Whore
8) Ruins
9) Fists Up in the Air
10) Die Tomorrow
11) La Bomba
12) Trisma

Photo: Péter Tepliczky / MyTouche Blog

The headliner band of the night was EquilibriumHonestly, I just checked them a few days prior to the concert, and I found them very catchy and unique actually. As you can read on Wikipedia: “Equilibrium is a German symphonic folk metal band. The band’s music combines elements of folk music, melodic black metal and symphonic metal with various other influences. Their riffs reflect traditional Germanic melodies. Their lyrical themes focus on Germanic tales and Germanic mythology. The songs of the band are almost always in German, although most recently they prioritized the English in their songs, mostly with their sixth album Renegades (2019).” 
I really love how they mix, combine all those styles and elements, they are just very unique and interesting and their live performance is so loveable! The frontman, Robert “Robse” Dahn is such a fun guy who can turn a terrible Tuesday night into a very fun Friday one!


1) Renegades – A Lost Generation
2) Tornado
3) Himmel Und Feuer
4) Waldschrein
5) Freiflug
6) Apokalypse
7) Path of Destiny
8) Born to Be Epic
9) Prey
10) Heimat
11) Der Ewige Sieg
12) Final Tear
13) Blut im Auge
14) Ruf in den Wind
15) Rise of the Phoenix

Special thanks go to Hammer Concerts Hungary!

Our full gallery of the concert is available here!

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"I associate heavy metal with fantasy because of the tremendous power that the music delivers." - Christopher Lee

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