“Each of us has its own vision, but it doesn’t stop us from from playing and having fun together”

However we can’t say that SINOPTIK is actually a new band, because their 3rd album is out soon – even so they aren’t well-known yet. We hope that this will change soon.

This album contains songs from several periods: totally new songs and also material from older times, which we rethought, so the inspiration came from various places and times” – replied Dima Sinoptik, the singer of Sinoptik when we asked him about their inspirations. Inspiration can come from anywhere: it can be triggered by some events around us or in the world. Some of this material was created during studio jams and tours, some of it came to me in my sleep. 

You know, it’s when you wake up at 5 in the morning, grab your phone and mumble something into the recorder, and then in a couple of weeks you take the guitar and make it into a proper song.”

‘The name for this album (Fields on Fire) came up during one of the tours. We drove past a field which was burning up till the horizon. It looked epic” – added by the bassistDima Frosby.

The brand new, Fields on Fire video just came out on March 12, and we could think that it’s a kind of a curve mirror of religion – but it’s not true at all. “These are just recognisable characters for the video. The context of the song is much wider. We deliberately did not use any specific symbols in order not to offence anyone. Each of us has its own vision, but it doesn’t stop us from from playing and having fun together” – told us Dima Sinoptik who hopes that this won’t distract anyone from their appreciating music.


In 2017 the band was a support of Marilyn Manson’s show at Kyiv Pace of Sports. We were curious about that how much was this experience inspiring for them, and did they even have a possibility to discuss with Manson before the show.

Manson was safely hidden away from anyone, so there was no chance to see him or talk to him. I guess, he didn’t want to share his drugs”

– Dima Frosby said laughingly. Then he continued: “The Sports Palace itself is a huge labyrinth-like structure, and after a few bottles of wine you could hardly find even the stage. However the overall experience was quite unusual and pleasant. We had a lot of fun and even noticed our fans right in front of the stage.”

And when & where could we meet the band? Well, they have good news for Hungarian fans as well!

“Our tour starts in march (Romania, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine). And the album will be released in the beginning of April, and in May we plan to visit Hungary as well. Last time we were in Hungary almost a year ago, and it was a great bash, so we will be back with great pleasure! Stay tuned!”

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"I associate heavy metal with fantasy because of the tremendous power that the music delivers." - Christopher Lee

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