“You can try to break me down but I’m still here!” – introducing: Break Me Down

Please let us introduce you Break Me Down from Milan, Italy. The band was formed in 2017 and with Faith Blurry on vocals, they released their first EPResilience” in January 2018, which contains three unedited songs written and produced by the band. Among many shows all over their country, they were opening acts for international artists like Crazy Town, Joe Stump’s Tower of Babel, Vinnie Moore and Lacuna Coil.

But things have changed in February of 2019 when Faith left the band, but one month later the band announced the new frontwoman, Irene Franco. The band gave us an exclusive interview so here’s your chance to get to know them better!


Laerte Ungaro (guitar): After my old band broke up, I decided to take a break from music, but a couple of years later I had realized how much I missed the stage. So, with my old drummer and bass player (LoChef), we formed a new band. We started looking for a new singer and while we were auditioning, we decided to grab a beer and we went to a rock pub where Faith, our first singer, was performing that night.  After the show, I asked her if she could be interested in our project. Her response was “Let’s try!” Since we also needed a second guitar player, Morris, so Faith’s guitarist joined the band. After a few months, we lost our drummer because he wanted to play other genres, but we eventually found our 5th element: Fabio. Then, after a crazy year all around to play our songs, Faith decided to leave us. However, just as it happened the first time, we went to a Christmas jam session and we met Irene: during that night we played some songs with her and it was love at the first sight! 

Photo: Facebook / Break Me Down

Behind the name:

Morris Steel (guitar): In my opinion, finding a name for a band is the hardest thing because it has to represent the genre, the thoughts, the group style, all in one word or a few. Some journalists wrote that our guitars sound just like Alter Bridge’s, and there is also the fact that “Break Me Down” is the title of one of their songs, but that wasn’t intentional. It’s true that we find inspiration in their style but we chose this name for a different reason. We were thinking about the meaning of our songs and what message we wanted to send, so Laerte suggested that the name had to be a provocation: never surrender to the difficulties of life, as in “You can try to break me down but I’m still here!”


Fabio Benedan (drums): I know that sounds a little bit weird, but we find inspiration from everything: every situation, every friend and all the feelings. Some songs of our new record are inspired by movies and YouTube videos! Of course, there are many bands who influenced us like Alter Bridge, Nothing More, Korn, Tool, Pantera… and many others!
But remember: you have to study the past, the classics like Led Zeppelin, Queen, Van Halen, Iron Maiden, and Metallica, because if you know very well the history, you can find your own style.

BMD - Foto 2


Irene Franco (vocals): As to the music, we work together as a team: somebody puts an idea, a melody, a riff or part of the lyrics and together we work on it. We have different approaches for the lyrics: our songs are personal so it’s difficult for us to write lyrics together, this is a thing that we have to do alone.

Our experiences with our past bands helped us in this process. We know exactly what kind of record we want to write in every single detail.

The fact that there are some differences in background between us helps the process. You can hear different types of songs, but all of them can be together in this record because you can find something in common in every single track.


Giuseppe “LoChef” Greco (bass):  We are Italians, and here this kind of music is not so popular: if you want to be successful you have to homologate yourself to pop and traditional music. In our careers, we did a lot of things, also these genres but in the end we weren’t happy. So we decided that if we have to die (musically), we would do it with the music that we love playing!

Please support the band by buying their music – just click on the photo below.


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