Tuesday dinner specials: Korn & Deadly Apples

Korn was a crucial part of (mainly) the life of ’90s kids – they pioneered a genre, their success has endured, and still have millions of fans.

40 million albums sold worldwide, two Grammys, countless world tours, and setting several records that will likely never be surpassed – just a few “numbers” which describe the nu-metal legends.

It was the pandemic. We were stuck at home with nothing to do. We decided we want to get together and make a record, so we had to figure out the logistics of that because people had to fly – that kind of stuff” – Jonathan Davis explained the band’s 14th studio album, called Requiem. “We got in the room and, for me, it was the first record I can honestly say I was there 100% since emotional issues I had. Making this special record, I got to sit here and be with my brothers for the first time. God, I missed it so much!

The nu-metal pioneers will come to Budapest with their brand new arena show on the 21st of June – click here to get your tickets now! Support: Deadly Apples

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"I associate heavy metal with fantasy because of the tremendous power that the music delivers." - Christopher Lee

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