The brand new Symphony Of Sweden EP, “Get Out Of My Mind” is out now

One year ago Symphony Of Sweden released their second album, “Saints Of Yesterday“. Since then, a lot has happened: their main hit from the album, “Will She Fight” has reached 1 million streams, and their monthly Spotify listeners number is steady at over 100,000. Even though they haven’t made a new full album yet, the guys still wanted to surprise their fans: the EP, which was released on 1 March by the band, features two new and two remastered tracks, 4 in total. There’s also a new video for the title track, “Get Out Of My Mind“.

Not far away from our town we have this fantastic location ‘Järnverket’, which is an old iron factory. We also recorded the video for ‘Will She Fight’ there, so we know the place and the lightning in the building is already great as well, so it was an easy pick for this track.


Lee’s statement: „I wrote the lyrics for ‘Get Out Of My Mind‘ a long time, like 2 years ago, but I didn’t have music for it. It’s about when you reminisce about a lost love. You think about the good parts and it haunts you. And you can’t get them out of your mind. So, the idea and the story were there, but not the music. But one day, a couple of weeks ago Evan wrote me and said: ‘Now I got it!’ And he had made it perfect. 
In the video, it’s me remembering her. And I’m struggling, I’m haunted by her because I can’t stop thinking of her. 
The other new track is ‘Down and Counting‘. I love this song. It’s hard, fast, and angry. As I have talked about it before, I got really sick for a long time, I met a lot of doctors. I lost my voice and got some extreme pain. My personal life sucked. It was a very dark time in my life. I started to have some really bad thoughts. But something came over me and my mind changed and I said: hell no, this is not the end!
So, in this song, I see myself like in the boxing ring. I’m Rocky Balboa and keep getting hit again and again. I’m down and counting, but I still get up. This is my survival song, and I’m extremely happy with it.”

Evan’s statement“For the music, it was time to make a track a little more uptempo than the previous singles. And the chorus turned up pretty nice with a wall of sound kind of vibe. 
We actually have had the embryo of the track including the music for some time. But after going back and forth between different versions we recorded new drums played by Niklas ‘Bullen’ Bengtsson and then everything fell into place! 
There are four tracks on this EP and except for ‘Get Out Of My Mind‘ there’s another brand new track, ‘Down and Counting‘ as well as two improved mixes of ‘Just Let It Bleed‘ and ‘Lay Them Down (A broken son’s cry)‘. I was not perfectly happy with the mixes and mastering of those two tracks previously, so it was an opportunity to improve on them as well with this release. For ‘Down and Counting‘ I sent Henrik Bodin-Sköld a drum arrangement and some thoughts about the vibe I was after, and he came back with really cool guitars which Lee then could make a top line to.”

And what about the future? Evan: “We are always working on new tracks, but it is hard to say when our third album will be out. Probably after the summer, but before the end of the year.”

And hopefully we can soon also go on a big tour” – Lee added.

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