Prepare for neck pain – introducing: Sickret

Founded in 2010, the band has already played over 170 concerts in 8 different countries. Sickret played shows, they shared the stage with renowned bands like MadBallSkindredJinjerCrazy TownClawfingerJonathan Davis (Korn), and many others. With 3 albums under the belt, official chart placements & a huge fan base, Sickret will smash you in the face with a masterpiece. Check out our interview with the singer of Sickret, Tommy!


As young boys, we were looking for a way to drink for free, and we all liked to listen to hard music as well, so we thought we could spend our free time combining these two things to achieve the perfect balance. At first, we had all played in different bands. Then, in 2010, we gathered and came up with the name Sickret. We have had a lot of tours and shows-around 170 shows in 8 countries. We are from Lucerne and live in a small town in the heart of Switzerland. 

Behind the name:

Our band name Sickret is a play on words. The name is made up of the words sick and secret. If we tell you this, we have to kill you, so just don’t ask. (winks)


I’d say life itself, everything that pisses us off, makes us go off, and makes us smile. We love bands like Deftones, Korn, Slipknot, Limp Bizkit, After the Burial, Tool, and so on. Every single member of the band listens to different music genres, so we have a great mix between them.

We are working day and night on new stuff and we are going to release the songs step by step with some videos too.

Follow us on social media and you will see.


Yes, we work together. Most of the time the guitarist and bass player come up with riff ideas. After that, we split up and everybody brings in their inputs and ideas, so we create the song piece by piece, to record pre-production.

Energetic, powerful, groovy, moving, in-your-face

Describe your music in five words!

Fun facts:

One time I swung my arms wide backward, like Leonardo in Titanic, and accidentally backhanded the guitarist right in the face after a song, he then sank to the bottom just like the ship. 

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"I associate heavy metal with fantasy because of the tremendous power that the music delivers." - Christopher Lee

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