On the road again – Don’t miss out The Picturebooks & Black Mirrors’ show at Robot Budapest

The Picturebooks are coming to Budapest tomorrow with the Belgian band called Black Mirrors. The tour has 26 stops in total, Budapest is in the “middle” of the list, which means 13 shows are still left. 

“Pierre and I created Black Mirrors in 2013” – stated Marcella Di Troia, the voice of Black Mirrors back in 2019. “At first, I wanted to make a girl band and started to play with two friends of mine, one on drums and the other one on the bass. We were looking for a guitar player. I had known Pierre from another band and I really liked the way he played, so we asked him to join the band.”

In 2019 they supported Night Flight Orchestra – and they rocked! Since then I’m a big fan of theirs, so when I realized that this tour is actually happening, I knew that I have to be there!

This time Black Mirrors is supporting The Picturebooks. “Our “On The Road Again Tour 2022“-Tour is DEFINITELY HAPPENING!!!!! We are beyond excited, CANNOT WAIT to see you all and go completely crazy with you! Who´s coming? Where will we see you? How excited are you?” – they shared on their socials one day before the tour started. Who could resist such excitement?

Check out the Facebook event for more information!

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