Heavy piano, pretty guitar, yell – introducing: Dig Two Graves

With their latest single, “Deathspeaker,” Dig Two Graves attempted to go out of their comfort zone to write the most over-the-top and ambitious song they have yet. It is progressive, fast, fun, heavy, and sure to get any crowd partying and moshing. With layer upon layer of brutal riffs, soaring orchestras, and punishing beats, the band was hoping to release their most successful track to date.

The band worked with a new producer since their last critically acclaimed release and are beyond ecstatic to drop this on the scene. “Deathspeaker” is Dig Two Graves exaggerated to the extreme in every aspect of their already unique and crushing sound. Music will never be the same. We had a short chat with the band.


Josh: I walked up to Mike one day and asked him where Candice was. When he asked who? I totally got him. After that, it’s ancient history.

Behind the name:

Josh: It was written in a fortune cookie at Dim Sum one time. The other side had some bullshit lucky numbers that lost me 500$ on the lotto.


Kenny: Money.

Josh: Carnitas tacos, Kero Kero Bonito, and The Death Grips.

New album:

Josh: Yeah there’s some sauce cooking. Simmering in the pan if you will. Cooking up a hot steamy pile of music.

Kenny: We have a new album in the works but probably going to drop 3 or 4 more singles off of it before the whole album releases. You should expect some of the best music to ever exist.


Josh: I write everything and if anyone disagrees with that they’re lying. I am Dig Two Graves.


Kenny: Not being able to play shows is wack, but it’s given us some more time to work on this album and other content. 

Online concert:

Kenny: No, online concerts are cringe.

Josh: If I can’t purchase a hot dog and a nice cold brew, it’s not a concert I’m interested in.

Describe your music in 5 words!

Kenny: Heavy piano, pretty guitar, yell.

Josh: Haha wow big monkey funky.

Fun facts:

Kenny: Two of the band members eat no meat, the other two inhale it.

Josh: I like Mike, I think he’s cute.

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"I associate heavy metal with fantasy because of the tremendous power that the music delivers." - Christopher Lee

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