“ÆRIES stands for being honest and passionate”

AERIES is the name of one of Germany‘s newest, most exciting, and promising progressive metal bands today. Formed at the end of 2019,
AERIES released their debut single “Waves” in April 2020, gaining them an ever-growing following and buzz in the metal community at home and abroad. Lead by the uniquely talented and driven vocalist Laura Kiddo, whose vocal ranges switch between soul, to jazz, to growls like shifting gears and backed by a solid groove-laden rhythm section and huge juicy Djenty riffs. Soon after releasing their 2nd single “Alienate”, showing a much more aggressive and technical style and sound than the previous single, AERIES were handpicked to open for Ukrainian metal upstarts Jinjer on their Macro World Tour, where the shows were not only their debut shows as a band but they also became one of the few bands that can proudly say they’ve toured since the COVID-19 pandemic began.

In October 2020, AERIES released their 3rd and most successful single to date: “Gisma”, first premiering it on the Euroblast Festival: Homecoming Live Stream, then on their own channels which gained AERIES a more international following and received much attention from global press and radio. AERIES are currently working on their 4th single to be released at end of 2020 and writing new material for their upcoming debut album and devising more plans to take over the world in 2021 and beyond. Here’s our interview with the frontwoman, Laura Kiddo!


Well, it´s actually a funny story. Marius (bass) and Julian (guitar) formed the band in 2019 after their old metal band broke up. As they were looking for a singer, I just randomly commented on a photo of Julian’s guitar which sounded like: “Dude, what a motherf***ing axe!” So after that, they thought that I could be crazy enough to join the band! In December 2019, Julian saw Dome (Drums) playing a show in Bonn and thought he could fit with their music. After one rehearsal, the band was complete!

Behind the name:

ÆRIES is a composition of aeries which is a nest of a bird of prey high in a mountain, secure but always ready to hunt. And aries the zodiac sign which stands for being honest and passionate.


I think I speak for the whole band if I say that live concerts and festivals are very inspiring for us all! Watching awesome bands is like taking lessons in the best schools on earth. At the moment, we are working on a bunch of new material, and we think about when and in which way we are going to release it. There will be another single release in the next few months, so keep your eyes open. (smiles)


Usually, Julian comes in with a riff or a complete song idea. Everyone brings their own ideas to it and that is how most often the foundation gets created. After that I write my vocals on the song.


We’re trying to keep our focus on new material and the things we can do apart from being on tour and playing shows. We also rehearse as often as possible as a band and of cause by ourselves.

Online show:

We were part of the AZTECH Online Metal Festival on november 7-8th! It´s definitely an option, and it’s moreover great to see people innovating those shows!

Fun facts:

We listen to only one playlist in the tour bus with a bunch of crazy songs. 30% of them are Disney soundtracks.

Describe your music in 5 words!

Disney metal for fun… yo!

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"I associate heavy metal with fantasy because of the tremendous power that the music delivers." - Christopher Lee

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